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Body Magic Awards

Hello there!
As I am still a newbie, I'd thought that I'd ask for your opinions before I approach my consultant.

Body Magic has never been discussed in our group (this will be my 6th week) and I've never seen anyone get an award.

I filled in my first 4 logs, but no-one ever asked for them (same as my food diaries!!).

What happens in your group??

Thank you!!!! x
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So pleased its not just me!!
They are awards for levels of exercise, depending on how much you do per week and then maintaining that level for a number of weeks (think it is 6 for bronze).
Interesting..... :)
Our consultant said to us that fill them in and when you've got an award tell her and she'd give you the certificate...
Made me think it was a bit pointless, not v. motivational if it's not announced like other things.


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They are mentioned rarely in my class. Saying that last night at WI, a new member (4 week) was given 2. I assume they are the bronze and silver awards.
It doesn't really get discussd in my group much but TBH, I dont bother with it. I do quite hardcore work outs and have done for over a year now, including combat training, 1-2 hourly sessions at the gym and running. I thought the body magic was for people new to exercise?
Body magic awards are given if you do additional exercise to your normal routine for certain periods. Here you go....

Bronze award = To achieve your bronze Body Magic award, you’ll need to record 45 minutes of activity each week (over at least 3 days) maintained for 4 weeks. Every activity that you enjoy for 5 minutes or more counts.

Silver = To achieve your silver Body Magic award, you’ll need to record 90 minutes of activity each week (over at least 3 days) maintained for 4 weeks. Every activity that you enjoy for 15 minutes or more counts.

Gold = To achieve your gold Body Magic award, you’ll need to record 150 minutes of activity each week (over at least 5 days) maintained for 8 weeks. Every activity that you enjoy for 15 minutes or more counts.

Platinum =
You'll need to complete 2 consecutive Gold Body Magic awards to achieve the Platinum award (so exercise sustained for 32 weeks!)

The exercise can be anything, but you shouldn't really count things you have always done- it should be additional exercise to your routine

I do SW on-line and it is pushed quite strongly on there, so officially SW are VERY in favour of it. I guess this is another case of consultant interpretation! I am currently working towards my Gold

Hope this helps

ooohhh - thank you cocktailprincess!!
I'm definitely going to mention it now as I do believe that it makes a difference.
I've gone from doing nothing to around 2 hours a day and it would be positive to have that recognised (although, I am seeing body changes which is reward enough!).
I do get a little frustrated when the only thing discussed at group is food.... :)
Thanks again!
thanks for that explanation! Don't think I would be able to get the awards though - I already do about 9 hours of gym classes a week plus 40 mins walking daily (as a minimum). Not enough hours in the day to consistently do any more!!:eek:
Make sure you speak to your consultant about it - I bet many of the other members of your group are all wondering the same thing!

I got my Bronze award last Monday, and it spurred my consultant on to 're-launching' Body Magic at group this week - she gave out loads of immediate awards, and everyone seemed to go away understanding it and motivated to go for their next award.

No, you don't need to show your FIT logs in - they're for your own motivation and inspiration, but hey, don't we all love to get awarded and applauded for our achievements??
Life is so funny sometimes!
Guess what - Body Magic Awards were discussed in my group this morning and there will be a focus on them next week (as well as handing out awards).
It is almost as though my C has been reading my post!!!!


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Maybe they have!!

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