Body optomise - worth the money?

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Hi, im Nic, 37 and i am getting ready to start doing slimming world again - my daughter is 9 months now - so cant use her as an excuse for my excess weight any longer lol

I'm currently on maternity leave so cash is a little tight and i wondered whether or not body optomise is good value for money.

I can't attend a class so i thought it would be helpful to be able to access syns etc online.

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks in advance
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My friend from work signed up to body optimise just to get herself started and she's going it alone now and, apart from the odd blip, now seems to be fairly focussed so it is possible. There are quite a few people on here that do SW without a class and get on well (I need the threat of the scales to keep me in line!), and if you need to know syns, just post on the sticky and you'll get the answer.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do!


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Oh - and a big welcome to minimins! (Sorry - forgot!)


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I don't body optimise, but I do go it alone. I attended classes for about 2 months at the back end of summer (then broke my foot and couldn't drive, so didn't go to classes...then gave up altogether!)

Started back on plan going it alone, using the books I got at class. You do have to be in the right frame of mind to go it alone (ie, full of determination) but it's cheaper than body optimise by a long way. And there's so much info on here.

Good luck with whatever course you choose :)


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I have tried going to class and I have tried going it alone with just my books and I have found that I need the weekly weigh in as an incentive and to keep me at it.

BodyOptomise is great if you are determined to lose the weight. I would recommend you weight at somewhere like Boots once a week as those machine are fairly accurate. I think BodyOptomise is around £60 - not sure how long you get for that but it should be long enough so that you know what your doing and as it has been said before, you can always get your syn values from the sticky above.

Good luck with whatever you decide and :welcome: to the forum!


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I do BodyOptimise, and it works for me, I have all the resources (like the books) now so may go it alone when my 3 months run out as short of cash.. otherwise I would carry on. The syns online thing is good as is the diary and recipes.

I weigh myself once a week and with the support of this place am doing fine!


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Welcome to minimins :D
My post is absolutely off topic, I just saw your screen name and had to comment.:happy096:

Willow & Tara's kitten, right?? :girlpower:
Sorry to invade your post:p

Back to the regularly scheduled programme, good luck with your weight loss.


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Personally, I don't think the 'extras' are worth it in Body Optimise. Is there any particular reason you don't want to go to classes?

If you really don't want to go, I'd just join and go once, get all the books and then weigh in weekly at Boots or something. Or buy the books from EBay.

You can always come on here for more information on syns or any questions.

Good luck with it all!



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I have to say for me moving to somewhere i dont know anyone ..going to class is wonderful plus our leader is one of the best ...and i have met some lovely people ..depends what you want from it but its great to make friends too and enjoy the crack !!!
being on this site is brilliant too always someone to help , support and give advise ...good luck honey xxxx


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Hi welcome to the forum,

you might not know about this but your GP can refer you to SW, this includes your joining fee and 12 weeks at a class with possible continuation if you show good progress. this depends on how overweight you are however i think you need to have a bmi of 30 or over to qualify but if you do then its worth checking out as the GP referal scheme has just gone nationwide

Is there a reason you can't go to class as joining a class and only going for the first week/few weeks until you get your head around it means your spending less and you have support if you need it for that time from a sw consultant

i dont know about the online versions however my swc did a demonstation last week about how sw is good value for money, she had a 'typical' day of what we might eat if we were off plan, take away, chocolate, crisps, bottle of wine etc and then what we eat on the plan, the typical day came to £25 and for £25 she bought loads of fruit and veg, rice, pasta etc. and still had £4.50 left over to attend class. it really did show that the SW plan is very cheap compared to old eating habits.

i dont know anything about sw online but if you can get to a class even for a week i think thts your best option


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can i ask why u can't go to class? is it cause of your daugther? do u know u can take her with you? i always take my son (12 weeks) and daugther (7) when shes off school and so do alot of other members.
it is alot cheaper and you get better support i think.
good luck what ever u decide


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omg who spends 25 a day on food? Not me lol

I go it alone and have no probs at all.... I dunno... it is all down to will power and if you get slack... we are all here to spur each other or or slap each other on the legs for being naughty haha

Good luck and welcome
S: 20st11.5lb C: 20st2lb G: 18st10.5lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 0st9.5lb(3.26%)
thanks everyone for your advice

i have the books at home from a previous attempt

i basically dont want to go to class as there is only one consultant in this area - and we didnt click - i found the class very uncomfortable

also the only class i can travel to is on at my little girl's bedtime and hubby to be works late :(

i think ill go it alone and see how i go

i was worried about finding syn values but there is loads of brilliant info on here :)

thanks again

ps yes its willow and tara's kitty kat