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Body piercings - what is a law for under 16's


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Hiya Janey,
not too sure, I know last year when my daughter wanted her bellybutton peirced (15) one place wouldnt do it, even tho I was with her, yet another place did it no problems, with me present...

I was quite happy with her having that done, ( wouldnt have minded one myself lol if I had the belly for it hahahah) but drew the line at any other peircing's :eek:

Has your son/daughter gone off and got it done without you knowing??


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I don't think there is a law requiring parental consent for body piercings yet...though there has been talk of it.

They can't get a tattoo until they are 18.

Can a parent force a child to remove, say, a lip ring?
I don't see that they could under a court of law. Like most things...there isn't much a parent can do short of grounding and starving them until they do what you ask.

Hopefully though, most things can be talked through...unless they are being very difficult????


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Anyone else running the whole kiddo/Mummy conversation through their brain?

Kiddo: I'm going to get my lip pierced
Mummy: Over my dead body
Kiddo: I am and you can't stop me
Mummy: Yes I can. It's illegal without my consent
Kiddo: Oh no it's not

etc etc...getting nowhere fast:sigh:

My son went through a stage where he wanted a tattoo. We discussed it...then I said okay.

That was the last thing I wanted for him, but I knew that all he wanted was a way out of making the decision himself.

He was shocked I said yes and decided against it.

We had discussed in the past that anything that if you are going to do anything to your body that might last a lifetime, you need to consider whether it would still look cool on an 80 year old.


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It is regarding a friend of mine. They asked my advice but I had to admit I am not sure. Surely this failing country gives parents some rights? :rolleyes: Then again, nothing would shock me anymore.


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As far as im aware and remember from my time as a beauty therapist it is illegal to do piercings without parental consent for any body part if the client is under 16. I think even with consent it is still illegal for anywhere other than earlobes for under 16s. I know Claires Accessories would not pierce my 14 year olds top bit of her ear even with me present. So pretty sure Under 16s are a no no.


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As far as im aware and remember from my time as a beauty therapist it is illegal to do piercings without parental consent for any body part if the client is under 16. I
Might that be just a rule of the establishment Happe as I know many have.

I don't think there was such a law a couple of years ago, as there was a bit of a humdinger at St Chavs and this topic came up. Unless it's happened in the last couple of years:confused:


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Aha. I have the answer :D

From the law society:cool: Reckoned they would know;)

At what age can I legally have my lip pierced?

The simple answer is that you can get you lip, or any other part of you body, pierced at any age. However, whether or not the piercing salon will do it whilst you're under 18 is down to them. In some areas around the UK, local authorities will only allow piercings to be done within certain age restrictions.
You might also want to discuss this with your parents, if you haven't already done so, as they may be more supportive than you think.


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I stand corrected Karion. Just been on Google and looked it up. There isnt a law nationally but some councils enforce their own age restrictions others not. Suppose i shouldnt be surprised when we live in a country that allows our too young daughters to have abortions without our knowledge, of course maiming themselves is legal.
I personally think piercings/tats are cool but seem to have put off my own children by a) letting my eldest child have her ears pierced last year (she's nearly 13 now) and she hated the pain so much, she still won't change her earrings herself!! and b) showing them pictures of badly infected piercings - like this one - Body Piercing Gallery - Ouchie. - Body Piercing

You never know - it just might put off the young person concerned, if they realise that it can look awful when things go wrong and that it takes a LOT of care/hygiene etc to prevent infections!

I have a relative who went to get her belly button pierced behind a parents back when she was 15. She got grounded for a short while but everything went ok after that. I got my belly button pierced when I was 17 but mine got really infected and ripped slighty. I had to take mine out and let it heal when I was 18. It was leaking yellow gung all the time.

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