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Im going for one of these mad body wrap things today.... ohhh... wow!

It is meant to take inches off and also be super good for the skin! So will be great to see the difference - think my skin needs some extra TLC at the moment and be nice to take a few more inches off my body :D

If I like it ok today then im going for the recommended 3 sessions (7-10 days apart)...

Ill keep yas all up to date with how it goes!

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Do you mean The Universal Contour Wrap....I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

Let us know how you get on.xx
Yeah thats the one! OMG I am so wondering what it will be like! lol xox


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I've done loads of reasearch on it hun and its supposed to be fantastic. They guarantee inch loss or your money back.

I just have not got the cash at the mo...saving up for hols, but I may try and treat myself to a course before I go.

Keep us posted hun.xx


Back on the wagon!
Have seen the results on a friend.........super ...really noticable difference!!!


Says it as it is!!!
My friend had one done before her wedding, after being on LT and lost a further 15 inches off her whole body. You are there for over 2hr in various suits and steam thingys.. and the inches come off the place it needs it the most..it is also retainable!!
I am sooo jealus hunni...wish i had £125 to spare...might treat myself for my birthday!!

rainbow brite

Hmmm, I was all ready to start saving for one but reading on the website it says the results only last for 30 days... Nic you know someone who kept the inches off for longer?


Says it as it is!!!
They told her 6 months at the salon!
wow - this sounds awesome - im even more excited now - hope i enjoy the process! ill deffo report back on the whole experience and the results xox
See 6 months and I'd do it but 30 days and I can't afford the money... Going to check out Kalmora Spa anyways for when I get to target, they have some inch-reducing treatments. Don't mind paying a little less for less time but I struggle financially really and can't afford to splash out over £100 on something that won't last. Still, Julz can be my little guinea pig and let us all know how it works out for her :)
The main reasons I am doing it is cos I am entering the last month or so of my diet and i know my skin could do with some tightening up and think it will be good for my skin and speed up it getting firmer.

I went to get my microdermabrasion this week and the nurse said that she could really notice the skin on my face is loose! They use a vacum with salt crystals to remove all dead skin cells from your face - i think half my face must have been up the vacum thingy... eeek. Nurse said that when I come off Lt my skin will return to normal pretty fasy - its just that I have lost so much weight - like my face is so different now!
The microdermabrasion, was that painful hun? For some reason I've got it into my head that it is!
Hope you are happy with the results Julz, let us know coz a good result will have us all saving our pennies for one!


So Im back from my body contour wrap...

Here is what the craic is...

1. You take all your clothes off except for pants and get measured chest, boobs, rib cage, waist, tummy, hips, thighs, mid thighs, knee, calf, ankle, upper arm, mid arm and wrist.

2. Whilst standing you get mummified... like just bandages of this warm clay stuff wrapped from ankles to chest. Its dead tight and feels weird.

3. You put on a big like waterproof camping suit thing.

4. You lie down for an hour.

5. Bandages are removed and you get re-measured.

I lost 6.5 inches - which I think is the minimum - they guarantee 6 inches.

I have been told to avoid washing for as long as possible, especially today, as the longer the clay stays on the skin the better and more inches can still be lost.

I lost an inch from my waist, and an inch from tummy. I definitely can see a big difference in the non jelly look - my skin and tummy looks firmer when I look in the mirror.

Im going to slendertone the bit out tonight - I def think it has been a good thing to go as it has given me another wee boost to keep going and get excited about getting closer to my goal and the body that I have wanted to have for so long.

I weighed in at 9st 1 on the ladies scales (but that was naked) - I so hope I am in the 8s for my weigh in on wednesday.

So the session cost £40 - and it get max results meant to go every 7-10 days - I think I will continue the 3 sessions and give it the full chance.


Says it as it is!!!
Cool...sounds fab... my friend had to sit in a sauna thing where her head just poked out!!! glad you enjoyed it xx
Glad you're happy with the result hun! :)

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