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BodyOPTIMISE - have to pay when reach goal


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Hi all

I do SW via the bodyOptimise website as my job requires a lot of travel and time away from home so I could never commit to a class.
I have just found out that when I reach goal (still a long way off, but note I said 'when' not 'if'!) I will still have to pay each week.
I know if I went to a class, it would be free once I hit target, and this seems so unfair that on-line users don't get the same treatment

I have been paying for nearly a year, and am happy to continue paying for as long as it takes, but I really feel I need the discipline of an actual weigh-in each week, especially once I get to target. I also like having access to all the articles, recipes, syns on-line etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I still have a long way to go, but this has really bugged me.
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That seems a bit pants. I wonder if it's because they've no proof that people who say they are at their target weight actually are? Everyone could just say they were at target in order to use the site free, and they wouldn't know who was and who wasn't if you see what I mean?


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Yep, I was thinking the exact same thing!

When you get to goal you could join a local group and explain that you can't make it every week. You will still get access to the site plus you get to go to group for free


Still rockin' it
S: 18st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: 8st1lb(42.64%)
I thought this would be the reason myself.
It just bugs me that I have been paying every week for nearly a year, and will probably be another year until goal. They will be able to see that I am commited to paying and not trying to rip them off.
Unlike people who attend classes I still have to pay when I am ill or on holiday, I don't have any actual support from a person and now it turns out that I have to pay FOREVER or give up and go it alone when I reach goal (or change jobs I suppose- bit drastic!)

I am REALLY sorry to moan. I know it is my problem due to my job, but this seems a bit unfair.

Would they let me attend class after I reached goal, even if I couldn't attend every week?

sorry again for ranting, guys x


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Don't know if you can swap from online to class once you've reached target...as with before, there is no real evidence that you have actually lost weight..I understand what I mean, but can't see they would allow that either.

When you reach target you get a certificate...or you used to (may be that they use some other form of evidence now) & as long as you produce that you can go to any class for free as long as you are within target range..think it's 2-3lbs either way, as often or as little as you want.


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
I think in class you have to set your target as at least 7lb away so if you join a group when you are perhaps a stone from goal then there would be no problem. If you explain to your SWC that your work means you can't always attend every week they may make some allowances for you


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As much as I love SW, I do think their online service is pants. They seem quick to take your money but don't offer you the same as those who go to class. I think the idea to join a class when you are say a stone away from goal is a great idea as that way you will then get your free for life SW at the end.


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Yes Taz is right you can only join a class if you have a minimum of 7lbs to lose, but once you reach target you don't have to go every week if you don't want to, just go as and when you can to keep on top of your weight.

I don't go to a class myself as this time I am trying to go it alone, I always used to tell myself that I needed the support of the class and couldn't go it alone but to be honest I think it's all in the mind, so far I'm into my 9th week and I have been 100% hand on heart and have surprised myself. I guess I just thought this time that I didn't want to be going to a SW group for the rest of my life and had to start and try to take responsibility for myself and take control of my weight myself, but we're all different.
I am an online member as I too find it difficult to get to class. I did wonder what would happen when your reached target.

Oh well will have to join a club for the last 7lbs to get the benefits. :)


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
When you set your taget in class you can attend for free as long as you stay within 3lb of your target. EG, if your target weight is 10 stone you attend for free as long as you stay between 9 st 11lb and 10 st 3lb

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