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Boncuk's new start food diary!


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Dear all,

I am new to the forum and decided to post my SW food diary to keep myself motivated and also for ideas and comments from more experienced members :)

I have done SW before but mainly stuck to green days however this time I am trying to mix it up with green and extra easy.

Today I am on extra easy and here is my food diary:

Early morning snack (5am airport trip) - rice crispie bar (5syns)

Breakfast - 28g Weetabix minis (B)

Lunch - Tuna, 42g R.Fat cheddar (A), homemade beetroot salad, boiled new potatoes, rocket lettuce, spring onion pickled onions, light mayo (3syns)

Dinner - Chicken in homemade sweet chilli sauce (2syns), bulgur with garlic mushrooms, salad

I have used 10 syns already so snacks tonight would be fruit but will try to do ironing to keep occupied.

I welcome any comments :)


Claire x
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Morning everyone :)

I am doing Extra Easy again today and here is my menu plan:

Breakfast - 1/2 tin chopped tomatoes on 2 slices brown bread (HEB) with low fat marg (2syns)

Lunch - Tuna, Sweetcorn, 42g R.Fat cheddar (HEA), homemade beetroot salad, boiled new potatoes, rocket lettuce, spring onions, pickled onions, light mayo (3syns)

Dinner - Savoury soya mince cooked with carrots, mushrooms and onions in gravy (2syns) with roasted carrots, potatoes and onions and braised red cabbage.

That will be 7 syns for the day and hopefully I will be full and not want to snack further....

Claire x


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Hi Everyone,

Well I was out of the office yesterday and means a tough and long day for me, I met my friend and her mum for dinner so here was how my extra easy day went:

Breakfast: 2 Egg Omlette, Roasted Cherry tomatoes and ketchup (1syn)

Lunch: 42G R.fat cheese (HEA), Sundried tomatoes (3syns), Rocket lettuce and spring onions

Dinner: Lamb shish, tomatoes, onions, salad, Bread (some brown some white - so HEB plus crazy syns)

Well that was me for yesterday :)

Claire x


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Ok, today was weigh in day and I work a half day and then have a busy afternoon generally on a Saturday (its local market day so I have to go there and do my shopping :)) mens I generally end up missing lunch which is a bit of a nightmare... heres the plan for the day :)

Breakfast - 2 B.Bread with butter (3syns) and jam (1syn)

Lunch - Kiwi fruit in fridge will try to eat before I leave work, try to have a salad with HEA cheese when I get back from the market too

Dinner - SW chips, Dry fried eggs, baked beans

I dont think I am going out tonight so wont be on the vodka :) so may have some syns for choc or crips when watching TV later....It is Saturday night afterall :)

Claire x


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Good morning everyone,

Well I have had a very relaxing weekend at home, not done much other than a bit of housework, cooking and shopping but was probably what I needed...

I have continued on Extra Easy over the weekend and here is my food diary for yesterday:

Brunch - Sundried toms (3syns), R.Fat cheese (HEA), 7 green olives (1syn), English Muffin x2 (16syns), rocket lettuce and spring onions, butter (2syns). - WOW overloaded on syns....I love my sunday morning brunch and its my one indulgence over the week!

Dinner - Garlic mushroom bulgur (2syns butter), chinese chicken stirfry with hoisin sauce (4syns)

So I had 28syns yesterday...I had saved from during the week so I am not going to kill myself over it......Monday is a new day :)

Claire x


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And for today......after my blow out yesterday I am back on track today and I clearly used a lot of Garlic yesterday as everyone in the office is avoiding me!! hehe :rotflmao:

Extra Easy!

Breakfast - 28g weetabix minis (HEB)

Lunch - Potato salad (0.5syn), beetroot salad, rocket lettuce, spring onions, 3 green olives (0.5syns), sweetcorn, tuna, 42g R. fat cheese (HEA), mayo (3syns). (have added a pic of this fab lunch :) it tastes like a morrisons salad bar!!)

Snack - fresh pineapple

Dinner - savoury soya mince (2syns for gravy), roasted potatoes, carrots and brocolli with red cabbage.

So syns for he day are 6 and I have had my 2 HE.

Claire x



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Hi All,

Well I was out of the office all day yesterday and had some personal problems at the start of the week so didnt eat Monday night and ate one meal yesterday which was lunch:

Extra Easy - Salad, yoghurt (5syns), olive oil (6syns), lamb, chicken and beef pieces, bulgur with roasted vegetables, B. Bread (HEB), 25g Full Fat cheese (HEA)

Today I am back at the office, still experiencing probs in my personal life but trying not to turn to the chocolate! So here is my diary for today:

Extra Easy!

Breakfast - 28g weetabix minis (HEB) with fresh pineapple

Lunch - Potato salad (0.5syn), beetroot salad, rocket lettuce, spring onions, 3 green olives (0.5syns), sweetcorn, tuna, 42g R. fat cheese (HEA), mayo (3syns).

Snack - fresh pineapple

Dinner - savoury soya mince (2syns for gravy), roasted potatoes, carrots and brocolli with red cabbage.

So syns for he day are 6 and I have had my 2 HE.

Claire x


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Good morning all,

Well I was pretty good last night had a couple of these small marshmallow teacakes (1.5 syns each), however when I woke up this morning I had clearly been freezer picking in the night as I had a frozen cake wrapper by the side of the bed (7syns) grrrrrrrrrr. So yesterday totalled 16 syns.

I am on Extra Easy again today - I love extra easy I am addicted (I love veg so I find it better) :)

Breakfast - 2 B.bread (HEB) with butter (4syns), baked eggs and cherry toms

Lunch - Potato salad (0.5syn), beetroot salad, rocket lettuce, spring onions, 3 green olives (0.5syns), sweetcorn, tuna, 42g R. fat cheese (HEA), mayo (3syns) - I think I am addicted to ths lunch too but I still enjoy it everyday when I eat it so I cant see a problem....although I will have to rethink tomorrow as my salad is nearly running out!

Dinner - Going to see a friend who is also doing SW and she is making a soya mince cottage pie with vegetables.

All looking good so far today :)

Trying to drink lots of water too as getting headaches.

Claire xx


well done claire, you seem to be enjoying the plan and your packed lunch boxes look fab.

You seem to be in control of when you have had to many syns and readjust to allow them, so good for you.

Remember to try and get the 1/3 superfree in especially when looking at your breakfast when you have your weetabix chop up a banana and put it on top or have a big bunch of grapes or something.

keep up the good work :D hope you dont mind my comments .
No Soccermum - I welcome your comments :) Thanks for your words of encouragement.

I hate bananas (can you believe I cant even touch the skin at the market!!), I tried to have pineapple yesterday with breakfast however I seemed to be getting hungry for lunch earlier so I may stick to having something more substantial for brekkie such as the tomatoes on toast, mushrooms on toast, omlette with roasted vege's then I dont feel hungry til at least 1pm and it keeps any afternoon cravings at bay :)

I am amazed at how good the Extra Easy plan is....I have done SW before and always wandered off plan but this time I just feel like I am eating normally and sensibly.

Hope that I will be able to get down the beach in my bikini this summer! :)
Morning all,

Well first things first it is weigh in day and I have lost 3lb....not quite sure how most probably emotional stress more than my dedication to the diet!

Yesterday had a terrible day and woke up in tears and on a downer, continued through the day and then cried myself to sleep....also had 61 syns which was not a great thing!!

So here was my awful day yesterday:

Breakfast - Bbread (HEB) with butter (4 syns) topped with mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch - Burger, fries and chicken nuggets (41syns)

Snack - Slither of cake (7syns)

Dinner - Cadburys crunchie (9syns)

Anyone spot a comfort eater???? OMG I am so embarrassed....I have drawn a line under it, flexi syns day and today is a new day :)

So here is the plan for today:

Breakfast - 28g weetabix minis (HEB)

Lunch - Potato salad, beetroot salad, tuna, sweetcorn, rocket lettuce and spring onion, mayo (3syns)

Dinner - chicken escalope with cous cous coating, topped with italian tom sauce and cheese (HEA) on spaghetti with roasted brocolli and carrots.

Tomorrow is my day off so dont know what I will eat but am going to try to stick to low syn and go for a walk.

Claire xx
Hi everyone,

Well I am back after a couple of days out in meetings and moving to a different town for work for a couple of weeks!! Hectic few days...my diet has not suffered too much and I have managed to stick reasonably within the EE plan.

So for today I am going to try to be very good and hopefully get a loss still this weekend. I am on Extra Easy and here is my plan:

Breakfast: Apple

Lunch: Tuna, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, lambs lettuce, mayo (3syns)

Dinner: Not quite sure what to have at the moment, maybe a chicken and vegetable (brocolli, carrots, mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic) dish in some stock/gravy with grated potatoes ontop and then baked in the oven :)

Claire x
Morning all me again :)

Well I am either doing red or green today cos I have had two HEB choices.....So here is my day so far:

Breakfast: 2 B.bread(HEB) with honey (2syns)

Lunch: cupa soup (3syns), 2 B.Bread (HEB) with 42g R.Fat Cheese (HEA) and syn free onion chutney (will add recipe to forum) and some lambs lettuce

Dinner: If I go green it will be jacket potato and beans, if I go red will be some form of chicken and vegetables....havent decided yet so will have to update later!

Claire x
Morning All,

I am really ready to go home back to my place, I am cat/dog sitting 2.5hrs from home and am lonely here!! Met my ex for dinner last night as he lives about 45 mins away....I am leaving Friday morning working en route during the day and be home fri night....woohoo!!

Anyway I am on Extra Easy today:

Breakfast: 2 b.bread (HEB), scrape of butter (2syns), loads of roasted tomatoes, 2 baked eggs

Lunch: pasta, tuna, sweetcorn, spring onion, cherry toms, onion relish, mayo (2syns) lambs lettuce

Dinner: chicken strips coated in spicy cous cous, jacket potato, salad/roasted veg (haven't decided yet)

Snack/Treat: Magnum After dinner (5syns)

Claire xx
Hi Everyone,

Well I have been off plan (not terribly - but enough that I have gained 4lb in the last 2 weeks) :( so I am devastated.....friends arrived back from the UK and although overweight themselves have decided that junk food and alcohol are the way forward....I was led astray a little and also work has been completely mental so I have eaten out a lot with clients and for meetings....anyway I am BACK and have decided its way tooooo close to summer to continue messing around!

My friend has now moved out (she was staying for a few weeks til her job starts) and moved in with the other friend...so I am gonna stay away from meals and drinking sessions with them and keep focused.....I have to keep my mind on the task and just think how great I will feel when I have lost loads and they are complaining that their clothes are too small!

So I am back on EE as usual, here is todays plan:

Breakfast: 1 slice B.Bread (HEB), 2 eggs, baked beans, ketchup (1syn), marg (2syns)

Lunch: Beetroot, boiled potatoes, sweetcorn, mayo (2syns), tongue meat

Dinner: Green beans, carrots, roasted potatoes, gravy (2syns) maybe some stuffing

I am feeling POSTITIVE :)

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