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Bonfire night


I will do this!!!
Iv been invited out for a huge BBQ and drinks on bonfire night and im not sure what to do!! I definatly wont be at my goal by then so should i go with plenty of water and be strong (and stuff tissue up my nose so i cant smell the yummy food), stay at home and miss out or refeed....enjoy the one night the go back onto LT the next day??? What would you guys do???
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go, have fun, enjoy the smells, take a flappy and sparkling water and have fun. i go out all the time and stick to LT, its not that hard if you enjoy the smells and think, 'i'm so glad i am losing weight, i'd usually eat way to much and feel rubbish' it can be quite liberating!


I will do this!!!
I suppose i can sit there watching all my friends putting weight on!! he he
I would go and just glug water all night! When I started on LT I became a real hermit and didn't want to go out at all cos I couldn't see the point if I couldn't eat or drink. Now I go out every opportunity I get, including a 2 week holiday to Majorca, and have just stuck to water and LT sachets! I think your mindset changes as you go along (mine certainly has). One of my concerns was being able to get back on LT if I came off - so many on here struggle with re-starts that I was too scared to put myself through that in case I failed second time around. But having said all that, it's entirely your choice hun and you must do whatever you think is best. Good luck with whatever you decide. x
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I would be naughty but I am only on week 2 & my mindset hasnt kicked in yet, altho I do a coffee house with friends & stick to water & the smell in there (& the cakes) is to die for :)
Good luck hun


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I would go and glug water, take a shake for lunch, and an extra shake just incase you feel week. You would feel great once home having succeeded. Is one night wrth another week struggling to restart? xx
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Go and enjoy the evening stick to LT glug the water it will all be worth it in the end



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I did this very thing a week ago Saturday.
The smells were amazing, but I'd decided before I went, that I want to be slim more than I want nice smelling food.
Not easy, but glad I did it. xx


I will do this!!!
Your all right i want to lose weight more than eat so ill go and enjoy watching the fireworks!!!


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Good for you............ you can do this! (pinched from under your avatar :) )

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