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  1. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

    hi all,

    i probably sound very vain and immature but as a reward for sticking to TRF i plan on having a boob job, i was wondering if i should wait till i hit goal to have surgergy or could i do it half way through? is there a positive or negative to when i have it done?

    also has anyone done this?


    love gem xxx
    :banana dancer:
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  3. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    I had mine done ive lost and gained since my surgeon said a stone either way wouldn't make a difference it was best thing I ever done xx
  4. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    Also depends if u lose weight from ur bust first xx book a consultation n c wat they say xx
  5. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

  6. e55ex_girlie

    e55ex_girlie Full Member

    I had mine done at 11 stone which I've gone over by a stone recently lol I'm hoping to get back down to 10, I would def go for a consultation u won't regret it just make sure u see before a and after of surgeons work xx I went with transform they were amazing x
  7. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

  8. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    I'm planning on one when I hit target cause my boobs are melting away and I hate them now and feel I will hate them even more when I hit target. If I was you I'd get a consultation when you reach 9 stone if your goal weight is 8 stone. X

    Currently 14st 12lbs
  9. cherrygem

    cherrygem Silver Member

    i had a 30 minute conversation with the clinic about this and they said i'll need an uplift and implant costing €6000++ :eek:

    apparently if you have big boobs and den lose weight most cases need an uplift and implant and it takes TWO operations, the uplift leaves ALOT of scarring as the nipples have to be moved and then six months later the implant is put in


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