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needs a real kick in the
hi everyone, cant believe this, just went to get measured for a new bra, was a 38 jj/k when i started diet, at this size last year i was a 34hh so thought thats what i would be, i am now a 30jj/ 30k, cant believe my back is so small, if you use a chart, i would be a 38 jj, cos my under bust measures 34in, but john lewis, fit you physically not with a tape, to get the perfect fit, i tryed on a 32 j and it was still to big on the back, i am pleased its come down on the back, but even more reason for me to have a reduction when im at goal, anyone else found their back gone down loads but cups stayed big, xxxx
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Claira - wow!!! I bet you look amazing with those boobs and your tiny slim frame!!

I also went to get a new bra on Sat - my change isn't as dramatic - but I was a 34/36G to a 32GG. I have never been too big for marks and spencer bra's before!

My bra fitter said that I am now really small on my back, so she doubts I will loose any more weight on my boobs.... I really wanted to end up as a 32 E or F - and she said that she doubts I will change now!!

It is funny that nearly 3 stone has come off, and my boobs stayed the same!!

I am hoping the next two stone will come off my fat ass and hips!!! ha ha!!


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Hi Claira,

Congratulations on losing all that weight! You must be feeling on top of the world!!

If you don't have children, and you're not REALLY suffering with back/shoulder ache, then, I would leave them alone for a while.

If you have a breast reduction, you won't be able to breast feed. The other consideration is that they mess with your nipple and you will probably lose sensation in that area, which may or may not become permanent.
If/when you have children, they may shrink back a little and if not you will defo still be able to get a reduction on the NHS....


needs a real kick in the
thanks, its ok ive got a little monster, and went upto a 36 m, when i was pregnant, ive had physio for my back aches over the years, constantly on co-codamol for ages, it doesnt work now, the underwire cuts under my armpit cos my chest is high, am determined on the reduction, its been agreed already so now its just upto me to get skinny, i gain a cup size every 1-2 years, im 32 next week, and they have to stop now, but that is my only worry, that if i have a reduction, they will still continue growing, i wonder if i have some sort of hormone imbalance lol.
they did say that you can still breast feed, cos they dont cut the nipple off, they cut around it and re-attach it, so hopefully i wont loose any feeling, although i would like my milk to stop, i stopped breast feeding over 2 years ago yet still leak milk sometimes. i wouldnt mind that stopping, x


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Well done Claira, you are doing so great hun. Roll on small boobs lol. xx


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If they're causing you problems and you're sure that this is what you want....

GO FOR it!!! I sincerely hope that they don't grow back... I've not heard of it happen before!

What cup size would you like to be?


needs a real kick in the
watched a program on reductions a while back and they grew back because a hormpone imbalance, so really want to get that checked out first, i was first offered a reduction 16 years ago, but wanted a baby first,
i think i would be happy at about an E OR F, they have to take away half the sizes at least on the nhs apparently, so that would be about an E if they omly count A B C D (E) F G H J, but if they do it
A B C D DD E EE (F) FF G GG H HH J JJ, i dont realy want to be smaller than an E, but then i still have nearly 4 stone to loose so i'll see how i look and feel then, really want to get a new bra now though, going to a place called perfect fit tommorow who are very good, see if they have any in stock xxx
are you busty alipally xx


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Not really, when I was young I seemed to have a bigger bust than most of my peer group... but at a D/DD cup, I feel quite happy with my fairly modest bust.

My problem is as I lose weight they become more, excuse the expression, pendulous, with nipples pointing south!

The cup size is the same but they drop so much when I take off my bra, all the wrinkles fall out of my face!!!

It's something that I definitely see myself getting sorted out... but I have decided that I will maintain my weight for 12 months before I do anything! (also give me some saving time!)

I do hope that you don't have a hormonal imbalance, but it's definitely worth getting it checked out.

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