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Hi ladies! I'm trying to go from 13.6 stone to about 11, but am dreading loosing my chest size. I'm an f cup at the moment and would love to keep them at about a d cup at the smallest. I know you don't get a choice where it comes off but just wondered what experience others have had on their weight loss journey.
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I will say that last time I lost all the weight, my boobs shrank a significant amount and also lost their fullness and went a bit.....droopy.

This time round and the last time. I aim to try and keep the skin supple and if all else fails, one day when I can afford one.....boob job!
Like your thinking! I try to do light weight exercise for my chest to give them the best chance of not sagging too much. Guess that nothing a good bra won't fix thou, just it will have to remain on at all times!


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i used to be big (well big to me anyway) a 34C, but now im a 32A/AA
paranoid that people are thinking im all falt chested now, i am but i dont want others looking and thinking it. alls ill say is thank god for padded bra's!

i dont like it one bit, but its the price i paid for my weight loss!
you may be lucky and keep what you have


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I think I'd exchange all my blubber for small boobs any day, smaller boobs would mean certain clothes fitting even better eh :)
When I've lost weight before I never lost more than one cup size. So I went from a D to a C cup. I'm bigger now so I'm a DD cup, I'm still hoping I get down to a C because I find it more comfortable.
I was similar weight to you and DD down to 11st 7 now and still a healthy D . So it's all good I think exercise helps to even out the weight loss . But I agree I would rather be slim and flat than fat ! X

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I'd love to loose weigh but there's no chance of me dealing with have really tiny boobies...soo if it happens..deffinate boob job down the line. Lol...any ideas on what type of exercises will firm up the breast area..??
Hehe Thanks love. I tried push ups today with the 30 day shred and could hardly do any..deffinately going to be working on that. :)


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It's really different for everybody, but I have gone up a cup size since I gained 2 stone. :\
Ive had smaller boobs, so im paranoid about mine disappearing, as ive lost about 3-4cm off them already :( Im thinking boob job...
I've got a bra sat in the bedroom with a smaller back size and smaller cup size but I'm really hoping I dont need it. Lol
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Wow, I'm amazed that so many people are considering a boob job when they lose weight!!! :eek:

I have another 2 stone to lose to get to goal but don't care if I remain a C cup or if I go down to a AA - at least if I lose the weight on my boobs for once in my life I will be able to buy shirts with buttons and not constantly be paranoid about them gaping or pulling or looking tight and cheap and horrible :sigh:
I don't think I could live without boobs, I mean I want bigger boobs now!! Let alone after I loose weight!!
I agree with deadteddys! Lol. I've always wanted bigger boobs and now trying to loose weight there's a chance of wat i got leaving?! Ohhh NO! Lol..but thats truue too sigourney! He loves them no matter what.. ;) it's just me with the problem.

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