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BOOK CLUB - DISCUSSION STARTED. The Bonesetters Daughter by Amy Tan

Hello Everybody, Welcome to The Book Club.

We are about to start a new book which will discuss in about 3 weeks or when everybody is finished! The discussion will be nothing heavy I promise, just everybody saying what they thought about it.

This book has been suggested by Matty, hopefully lots of you will join in and enjoy a good read.....helps keep our mind off food!!!!!

The Bonesetter's Daughter By Amy Tan;

tells the intertwined stories of a mother-daughter pair. Ruth Young, a middle-aged Chinese-American, has trouble relating to her elderly China-born mother, LuLing Young. LuLing is suffering from memory loss: a symptom of dementia, or Alzheimer's, perhaps.

But when LuLing tells Ruth the story of her past, Ruth finds the power to understand and forgive her mother. LuLing recalls her life in the village called Immortal Heart, brought up by her Precious Auntie, more than a nursemaid to her. Precious Auntie, the daughter of a famous bonesetter, found herself plagued by misfortune and ghosts from the past. LuLing fears the effect of such bad luck will filter down through many generations. This was why Ruth's mother burdened her with insecurities and paranoia all through her childhood.
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
I've done it!!! I've made time, just been on Amazon, found the book and got it for £6.74 (£2.95 was P&P)....bargain:D

Should be here in 48 hours.....:)
Just ordered mine from play.com £5.99 including shipping.
I will start reading as soon as it arrives.
Hope it isnt scary I dont like scary books.
What is the plan after this are we just going to pop on here?


Queen of the Damned
Got mine on ebay for £3.75 including P&P. Will get to it first chance I get. Thanks for organising this Cheb :D


Queen of the Damned
Just seen - you can get it cheaper on Buy It Now on ebay! :rolleyes: Typical!

Great to have you all joining in with this book. Sounds like you're all ready to get on with it. Not got mine yet, sounds like I need to get a move on or I'll be the last to finish as usual.

We'll discuss on this thread when we've all finished, better wait and see how weighty it is before setting a date fo discussion!


Regular Member
Hello Busy, no it is not a new book, a few years old at least.
And no, I don't think it is at all heavy, and will I think mean a good deal to anyone who is a mother and a daughter and in particular anyone who had/has a difficult relationship, but ultimately it is a very human story I think.
And no Lisa, it is not scary, I hope you will like reading it.
But like Cheb says, it is just about us all saying what we think about it when we are finished, everyone will have thier own opinion. Look forward to hearing yours!
Love Matty

We've not set a definite date for discussion, we are usually pretty flexible, don't want to put pressure on people to get it finished. Generally though it has been 3 - 4 weeks.


Queen of the Damned
Are we gonna put together a list of suggestions for the next book, then people can vote?
Are we gonna put together a list of suggestions for the next book, then people can vote?

I think that's a really good idea:)
We've not done that before, we've just gone with the first suggestion.
Let me start.......

Deception Point by Dan Brown (had it on my shelf for ages, keep meaning to start it.)
Same as me Cheb with 'deception post' i bought it 'cos i loved the 'da'vinci code' and its supposed to be just as good but have never got round to reading it, so that gets my vote!!!!

Love Busy XX


Ancient Egypt Nut!
My copy of "BoneSetters Daughter has arrived today !!!:)

What do I do now then Cheb? (apart from read it:D )

My copy of "BoneSetters Daughter has arrived today !!!:)

What do I do now then Cheb? (apart from read it:D )


Well that's it really, read it and hopefully enjoy it:D Report back when you've finished it. Feel free to drip feed us little snippets of opinion along the way!

Still not got mine yet, money's a bit tight so going to pop along to the library and hopefully I can get a copy there. Will add that to my 'to do' list for tomorrow!


Queen of the Damned
Mine arrived today too - gonna try and read it this weekend :)

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