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When you're out drinking, take some coins in your pocket- take as many coins as you will have drinks- so if you want to limit yourself to 5 drinks, take 5 coins. Then transfer one from your left pocket to your right (or vice versa) until they've gone. Then you know how much you've drunk.
Another tip, either out or at home, is have a soft drink between each alcoholic one, and add lemonade or something else to wine to make a longer drink and save syns :)
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When you get the answer to this question, please let me know!!
I know excatly what you mean, long summer evenings encourages me to sit and sip!
I tend to add sparkling water to my wine to stretch it out. But sometimes I just want the wine so I will have a bottle and split the syns over 2 days. TBH I spent all of last week teee total and gained a pound so as long as I keep it within syns, Im having a drinkie!
It is a very personal thing, so no idea if this will help, but I find it easier not to drink at all than have just a small amount. I am perfectly happy to stick to soft drinks, but one glass of wine leads to another as far as I am concerned.

Hamish's Mum

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I too cannot drink and lose weight. If I even have a few glasses its a gain for me, so I try not to have any at all, or drink wine in a tiny glass or drink soft drinks out of a wine glass.


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I'm luckyish.....I drink on a Friday night, which is my day 1....so I drink more or less what I want, then cut my syns all week so I don't go over.
The weeks I've put on are either, a within syn drink night before WI.....no drinks all week, or I've been away, so not been on plan

I think everyone is different.....as fir the coins....I read you're supposed to put them in your bra, could be fun!!!


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Thanks for the advice folks! Just got in from town.
The coins sounds interesting. As does alternating between booze and soft drinks. Just gotta stop the family and friends from helpfully topping up my glass.
Got another BBQ this weekend, here`s hoping!


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have you tried non alcoholic stuff? Or low alcohol, WW do a wine which isn't too bad. I know some is rancid but there's got to be something good out there? Good Luck :)


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S: 13st5lb C: 8st11lb G: 8st11.5lb BMI: 21.1 Loss: 4st8lb(34.22%)
Need to give everything a great deal of thought. Trouble is I like a tipple at the weekend.

Will probably give all the ideas a go to see which one works the best.

Thanks folks!

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