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Boots wouldn't sell me any ketosticks :-(

S: 16st0lb
I was gutted today when I went into Boots for some ketosticks and the sales assistant asked me what I was using them for. I told her it was because I was on a diet and she very snottily told me that they can't sell them for that reason. So I asked her what reason they sell them for and she said for diabetics only :(.
I'm going to try the chemist that sold me the lipotrim tomorrow, surely they should sell them too me?
Has anyone else had this problem?
Lou xx
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Maybe go to another boots and this time say you're buying them for someone who diabetic? I know it's not nice to lie but if it gets you them without being overly questioned then maybe it'd be ok?

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They sell them on ebay too hun x x
S: 16st0lb
I've thought about that Abbie lol, would rather not though-I'm a rubbish liar, they would be able to tell a mile off lol.

Never thought of ebay, will have a look now. Thanks Su.

I didn't realise there were two types Starlight? Thats may be why they wouldnt sell them (although I'm sure they both do the same job :rolleyes:). She made me feel like I wanted something illegal lol!
Lou xx
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Alid.. You pee on them and they check whether or not you are in ketosis... I don't know any more than that, i have never used them x x


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oh right what would make you not be on ketosis... sorry im still new so havent a clue how id no if i was or not lol
S: 16st5lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 3st4lb(20.09%)
Cheating!!! lol

I assume if you stray from the diet, it can knock you out of ketosis (not necessarily through cheating, but maybe meds), and it is being in ketosis that keeps you losing the weight x x

If that i wrong i am happy to be corrected, but that is my understanding x x


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This is getting ridiculous! I went to get a prescription filled and at the same time I asked for some nytol....usual story I was asked what they were for (they're 7ucking sleeping tablets for gods sakes) so I said that I had problems sleeping cos of pain.....the prescriptions was for anti-inflamatories and painkillers!! And she told me that she was worried that i would become addicted to them....meanwhile giving me enough prescription drugs to kill a herd of elephants......got them eventually but only 1 packet of 14! got to be protected from myself........

So I got home and spoke to my doctor and he prescribed prescription sleeping tablets, mega strength, on the understanding that I promise only to take them if I haven't slept for 3 nights in a row......

Why we can't we be greeted as sensible adults these days with at least an ounce of common sense? I'm fed up of this nanny state....

To get back to the original post, I'm trying to think of the dangers of purchasing ketostix......mmmm you could poke someone in the eye with one I guess....so better not take them on a plane either!
I know what you mean. When I moved house I decided to be very grown up and stock up a box with medicine/tablet instead of never having what I need. Decided to get things like laxatives, cough bottle, painkillers, lempsip tabs... Morrisons would only let me buy 3 things again incase I was going to do myself any harm. The crazy thing was I was with my mum so we split the things up and bought 3 each... no problem :rolleyes:


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oh right what would make you not be on ketosis... sorry im still new so havent a clue how id no if i was or not lol
you should be in ketosis if your following the plan 100% what can take you out is carbs, citris things i think and from what ive gathered anything apart from protein.


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You know what is really hypocritical about Boots and their stance on ketostix, is that they actively sell vlcd diets such as Tony Ferguson and Slimfast. They need to get a grip, we are adults, not naughty children.

Edit i just googled boots and ketostix, and found this on a forum from someone who hd contacted their head office.
"I rang Boots headoffice and spoke to the spokesperson there. She told me they were not actually forbidding their stores to sell them to non-diabetics but they were advising that they were part of a very unhealthy way of eating and that the pharmacists may choose to refuse to sell them to non-diabetics.

I didn't bother arguing with her. If anyone wants to, Boots head office is in Nottingham."


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I think we should start a thread on dangerous things you can do with ketostix, then send the resulting list to Boots.


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That is really pathetic, its not like you can ingest a ketostix and as you say its nothing illegal! They dont tell off underage girls for buying pregnancy tests - so whats wrong with selling us our pee sticks. I remember one time I was questioned on Cannesten duo and calpol, asked what i was goin to use them for, i replied 'well the first one is obvious and to the second, i said im going to get high'!

such idiots, never liked boots to be honest i think their quite snotty.
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Didn't you all know that smoking them is a great high :p ;) :D


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When I did Lighter Life years ago Boots wouldn't sell them to me either. I bought them from a local pharmacy and Ebay in the end. Boots told me that I couldn't have them if I wasn't diabetic as some people do silly diets like Atkins that can really harm them! :rolleyes: It was all said in such a condescending way. I couldn't be bothered explaining about Lighter Life and that I'd actually had to have my GP's signed consent to do the diet in the first place, etc. Just walked out. Idiots!


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