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Bought new dress... nervous about wearing it!


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Hey all,

I have a work event on Friday and I need something quite smart to wear, so I bought a new dress. It's lovely, size 16 (oooooh! :D) and fits really nicely, but I am just too nervous to wear it.

I always wear trousers and this feels a bit too exposed. I was quite pleased with how it looks, but I felt nervous about seeing people in it.

So silly :( I think I've answered my own 'question' if I feel that nervy in it, not best thing to wear to a work function.

Totally bonkers, I'm so keen to wear pretty things, but the idea also kinda fills me with dread in case people comment on it.

Does anyone else have silly worries like this? :sigh:
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I know what you mean, we get into our comfort zone with clothes and it can be hard to change. Why don't you wear it at home for an evening to get you feeling comfortable in it, a kind of trial run? Then you should be ok to wear it out. Good luck!


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OH Huney! You're just out of your comfort zone. You have lost a FABULOUS amount of weight! Now is the time to do your hair, put your slap on and KNOCK THEM DEAD! You will spend the whole evening being complimented, because your work colleagues will suddenly see what an achievment you have made. (It happened to me once!) Trust me by the end of the evening you will feel wonderful!


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wear it you will feel lovely when you get the compliments and you have worked hard so show off the results XXXXXX i felt very much the same showing off my legs as i covered them up but slowly the hem lines are creeping back up lol


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wear it you will feel lovely when you get the compliments and you have worked hard so show off the results XXXXXX i felt very much the same showing off my legs as i covered them up but slowly the hem lines are creeping back up lol
here here!!! you will feel great when people say how fantastic you look!!!!
Your bound to feel nervous every one does when wearing something out of the norm. I think the idea of wearing it around the house first is a good idea but don't let it hold you back get out there and stun them all!:p


I can do this............
you should go for it hun everyone will see how wonderful you look. If you feel good in it then go for it because if you dont wear it and wear something else you will spend the whole night thinking i wish i had worn it! good luck on friday and im sure you will have a fantastic night!
I wish you could just were things out and have no one even batter an eye lid. Sometimes i feel much better if no attention is on me at all.. than ahve loads of people say how nice my outfit is etc.. cause then i know people are looking!!

but then i thought to myself, when i stood at my OH sisters wedding, ina bright pink dress that i loved, and OH had brought me for £60 for the occasion, that if im worried about what they think now after loosing a stone, what they hell did they think before when i wore much more outrageous clothing, *when i was blissfully unaware of how dreadful i looked of corse lol* ..

i reminded myself that i couldnt possibly look any worse than iv ever looked before.. and just got on with it. . and iv been able to have the confidence ever since.

I think once you get your head round it, and do it. You'l be fine.

Im sure you look absoloutly stunning in it, and deserve to feel it. Why the hell shouldnt you? it'd be shame to let all your friends miss out on an oppurtunity to see the new you :) xxxxx


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I say wear it!!! :)

Also, if you want another load of opinions and you feel confident enough, pop a picture up here of you in it. We'll soon say how fab you look!!!

Good luck, and enjoy your night, whatever you decide to wear!!!

Emma xXx


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Thank you all so much!!! You're all so lovely xx Seems silly getting nervous about wearing a bloomin dress lol but I need to go for it - deep breaths. Will let you know! :D Thanks again.


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Hey again - I tried the dress on last night and asked my OH what he thought, did I look ok in it? I got: "Looks ok.."

Not the response I was hoping for, you look nice, you look lovely (I wish) anything would have been bit better than that. Anyway, it rather dented my confidence further, so I'll be digging around for something suitable today - full length kagool anyone? ;)

I've lost so much over the last 3 years (4 stone since having my son) but he doesn't comment. I suppose he never commented as I gained the lbs either lol.

Oh well, thanks again for your support earlier in the week :)

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