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  1. sazpom

    sazpom Full Member

    I'm on day 8 today and I've really struggled So I went to my local tesco and got a drum of bouillon it's been my saviour today but I feel so naughty it tastes so good, will it take me out of ketosis ?? How much can I have a day ?

    Stressing .com x
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  3. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    I love the stuff but I never have more than 2 cups a day just in case, though to be honest I just usually have one cup at around lunchtime - it's always lovely to have something warm.
  4. TraceyH28

    TraceyH28 Full Member

    Hi can you tell me is this a powder or what it's called please ?
  5. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    Hi Tracey, it's a vegetable stock powder that comes in a tub, you can find it in Tesco etc - it's called marigold bouillon and you just put a teaspoon in a cup and fill it with hot water to make a lovely savoury drink.
  6. TraceyH28

    TraceyH28 Full Member

    Thank you very much,day 1 (again) today but in bed and feeling quietly proud. Will pop and get some tomorrow x
  7. ElleC

    ElleC Full Member

    It really is a life saver, isn't it? I have a lot of shakes so sometimes I really crave for something savoury and this hits the spot. I even put it in a bowl and drink it like it's a broth. It's also fantastic if you add a teaspoon of it to a soup - when I was on LL I used to add it to the veg soup with a dash of tabasco and some white pepper. :)
  8. Charlie Brown

    Charlie Brown Full Member

    It has really made me feel better today (day 3) and has perked me right up. It's definitely delicious!
  9. jellybellies

    jellybellies Full Member

    This was my saviour yesterday when i was freezing and rally craving something savoury and hot, mmm yummy!
    did feel a bit like cheating tho you're right there hehe
  10. Allie2014

    Allie2014 Full Member

    Day one today and starving. Think Ill make a cup of it now....
  11. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Bourvil would be fine. I'm not sure about the marmite. Alternatively you can have a beef or vegetable stock cube. One per day is allowed. But not chicken flavour, not sure why not but hey ho. :)
  12. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    The simple things make a difference on this diet don't they lol
  13. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Oooh I didn't realize Bovril was allowed. You got me all excited now !
  14. CaffeineBean

    CaffeineBean Member

    Thank you for this tip! I'm just starting out but I can imagine over the cold winter nights and mornings this could be just the thing to take comfort in and keep me from veering off plan! :)
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