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Bowel Habbit?????


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Hi Guys,

I'm nearly at the end of my second day on SS, I expected some change to my bowel habit, read people talk about constipation etc.

Going from solid food to completely liquid food I expected to perhaps be a little loose to start with, however today I have had several episodes of Diarrhoea :eek:

Is this to be expected? is it normal?
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Hi, I'm on my second day today and was explosive this morning. Only been once though and seem to have settled down, although lots of weird gurgling noises.


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i'm on day 9 today and been to the loo twicein the whole time! so not sure hun. a cdc will hopefully be along in a min. good luck, i'm sure your body will sort its self out! x
Hey hun, I had the same problem too when I first started, sometimes the vitamins and minerals in the packs can upset your tum a bit but it should settle down over the next few days hopefully.

im on day 6 its all normal for me so far no explosions lol, just not going as often as usual :) xx


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Fibre 89 which you can get from your CDC helps as it will bulk out the stools and for constipation it will keep them moving...
Oh a was so terrible i cried when i started. My erm.... movements were so loose they caused my some real embarrassments. I dived off the wagon last week, eating loads of rubbish and not drinking much fluid, and was exactly the opposite, and so so so poorly, which teaches me 2 cheat! It does get better tho hun, just give it time! x x x
My CDC said it was ok to take tablets like Senakot to make sure you don't get toooo constipated. Today was a little rabbit dropping for me!!! You can tell I've no sex life to be discussing my bowel habits!!!!!
I've been really lucky. I think that because I've been drinking so much, I haven't had any constipation but I did go through a patch of 3 days where I had explosive runny ones at around the 2 week mark. I stuck with it and now have regular poos every morning. It's amazing that you can still make poo with all that liquid rumbling around you!!
ohh yes its all normal but the explosions do settle down after a few days!!! Make sure and take something for the constipation its not very nice at all..
I alternate between constipation and the opposite!
Though it's all settled a bit since I started having Fibresure. :)


This is the last time!!
Before CD I was regular as clockwork, within half an hour of waking I had to go to the loo for one. I could then sometimes go another once or twice in the course of the day.
Am now on day 13 and am struggling a bit...my body's habit is still telling me to go each morning but I can't always muster anything up :(
Then, last night at just after midnight I HAD to go, but it was really hard and very painful. I am drinking loads, minimum of 4 litres a day, but usually around 5 so not sure what is going on. Hope it regulates though as my poor botty is a tad tender today.

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