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Boyfriends sister asked am I pregnant ?

My boyfriend was on skype webcam talking to his sister in another country and I walked up and stood behind my ultra skinny but ripped bodied boyfriend .. and when I went away she asked why I looked bigger and was I pregnant :eek: :cry:eek:mg ....
All he said was she is another country and she can see it.. I sulked off and sat on another chair away from him and he said I dont care I like the person :eek::rolleyes: aw ... he deserves a medal sort of lol

Well the great thing is it has made me determined even more now ..!!

but i so never ever mention anyones weight gain tut

Anyone else had the same thing ? xxx
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Thanks Michelle - it bemused me how some peeps dont have tack - I was asked about 6 months ago why i let myself go by a model type lol I was like hold on I wash, I work, I wear make up and always do my hair .. what do u mean let myself go lol x
i know i've lost 2 and a half stone now and i resently finished so a woman along the street asked why have you finished work are you having another looking at my tummy ,I could of cried but then I remembered when I was really big I never got asked and I only ever get asked at this size so maybe its good cause if i was big they wouldn't dare ask. maybe I had a bloated tum that day
Aww hun I know how you feel. I was recently asked by a lady at the bus stop near work when I was due! I was feeling a bit bloated but I just looked her in the eye and said 'well actually I can't have children so thank you fro bringing up that painful subject' as loud as I possibly could. She went bright red, but didn't apologise. That'll teach her to be so blimming ignorant!
isnt it terrible if i do have children and i have a bump because i will be slim them i would be proud but a pregnant tum to a weight is so different - i think these people are secretly being *****y ... but again i was taught manners - i am at work and there is a girl who has just come off maternity leave she sits oppersite me and to be honest I thought she had a big tum wasnt sure if was from having a child but turns out to be 5 months gone lol but i would never have dreamed to have asked i talk to her every day as well ... because i have manners lol x

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