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ProPoints Brand spanking new! Diet and stop smoking

S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi everyone, its firstly been a long time since I was on a forum. Probably about 6 years. I have just had a health scair relating to a Thyroid Goitre I found lucky all was good with scan and blood tests and Im healthy but over weight and smoking. I have never been one to diet and I have always hated the conversation regarding weight. Im 14 st 13 and its not really bothered me but now I must take another look at it from a health point of view.
Do calculated my bmi as 31.7 and I had calculated it at 34! so I thought lets take a look at something that could work. I dont have alot of spare time as I have 4 jobs! Im a pole fitness instructor. 4 hours a week sometimes 5. Im a website designer so this means sitting on my reciliner sofa (Like now lol) I work occasionally in a local shop which is manly sat down with abit of heavy lifting of furniture. Im also a photographer which means 1-2 days a month spending 7 hours no stop at shoots on my feet.
Other than this Im on my butt at home and looking after my two children 9 & 7 years old. I have always eaten what I like when I like. Normally un healthy stuff!
I found this site after just buying the weight watchers pro points kit from ebay.

To be honest Im here to copy you lovely ladies to start with so that I can get inspired for food ideas. At this moment I dont have a calculator or book to use however I have read the concept of the ww pro points and it makes sense.
So I thought I would sign up this forum and find so help. :D

So hi and help!! I have not calculated my daily points or weekly as I dont yet know how I did a rough calculation using a pro point calculator or ehow and I THINK I have approx 24 points a day but I have not counted the fitness classes in this as I dont know how to. :confused:

I got my letter of good health from the doc 2 days ago and I thought I would start 2moro as last night I went to Jimmy Spices !!!!!!!:eek:

So 2moro I have oatso simple original 36g pack and semi skimmed milk for breakfast and thats how Im starting. Lunch thought i might go for seeded slice of bread warburtons. with olive oil fryed tomatos and courgette. I have no idea what the point would be for this. Dinner as yet I have no idea where to begin.
I dont want to buy ready meals as I dont have alot of money and I like to eat with my hubby.

HELP please xx
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S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Hi! Just wanted to say goodluck to you!
I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago and although that is going well, I am struggling diet wise:rolleyes:

On propoints the minimum points you would have are 29 dailies. Also you have your 49 weeklies to use whenever you like.

Also your classes would give you extra points (activity points) which your kit will show you how to work out.
S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you Sunshine7
Im trying hard but at the moment its all abit much trying to do everything at once. So I have cut down cigs to only 3 a day and this morning I have been to my Instructor training classes. So I have done an hour workout.
I need abit of help with points for today so far.

I have had Oatso simple Original packet 36g I think with skimmed milk for breakfast

Green Tea with vanilla from Lidl

I have just had Three Beef tomatos fried in 1 tbsp olive oil on two pieces of Danish malt ww bread. A large glass of Diet Coke.

What does that equate to please?
I hoping my wwpp will arrive in the post 2moro.

Tonight I have brought a stir fry pack from Coop and Im thinking of having that with either haddock fillet or Salmon fillet.
Does any of the stir pack count.
Its 500g (I will have half) Beansprouts, Cabbage, Carrots, red onion and peppers.

The only other thing i have to cope with is its my hubbies birthday and I have had 24 cupcakes made (laid out in a pacman game lol ) for his 40th. I got them this morning from the cupcake lady and they are plain sponge standard size cupcake with butter icing and then icing designed toppers on the tops. How do I work out what points are on these!!!!????????
I must add I wont be eating ALL of them LOL
I would probably eat 3 in one sitting eeekkk but if the points are MEGA then I will try to have less.
:) :D


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S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
I will try and help:eek:

Oat so simple - the online tracker says that 27g is 3 pp. If I put in 36g manually it's 4pp.

Milk depends on how much but quarter of a pint of skimmed milk is 1 pp.

Your tomatoes are 0pp, olive oil is 4pp for one tablespoon, the bread is 3pp for two pieces.

Will try and carry on in a mo.


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S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Haddock-medium(120g) is 2pp or large (170g) is 4. Your stir fry should be 0pp but don't forget to add some for oil if you use it.

Cupcakes is a difficult one I can't check it as they are all different some as much as 9pp per cake:eek:
S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you soo much Sunshine7
so far that adds to 23 as I have had 2 hot chocolates and a ww yogurt :)

So working on the idea I should be 29 points ( I have no idea yet until I get my pack) I could possibly get away with 1 cupcake :)

I need to work out how those extra weekly points work. Do you have to use them ?
S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you Nicola87,
Im really looking forward to getting my pack through the post and get organised properly :) At the moment its guess work and asking you lovely lot for points info


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S: 22st2lb C: 19st12lb G: 12st1lb BMI: 41 Loss: 2st4lb(10.32%)
Yep you will deffo have at least 29 dailies. The weeklies are really up to you. Some say use them others say don't so it's up to you.

I think you can get away with that cupcake;):D
S: 12st5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st2lb(17.34%)

Good luck with your diet, you seem really motivated so far....I'm sure you'll do really well!!

Hope you enjoyed your cupcake if you had one! I LOVE the idea of pacman cupcakes...genious!! :D
S: 14st2lb C: 14st2lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone :)

I have had 1 cupcake and I had the whole pack of stir fry 500g with one tsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of sesame oil. And small salmon fillet.
I did put soya sauce in it and sweet chilli sauce probably tbsp of each!

So thats me done for the day other than 2 more large glasses of diet coke.
Can I drink as much of that as I like?
S: 12st5lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st2lb(17.34%)
Yup...no points in diet coke. Enjoy!

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