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breast bone pain



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Hi Nicola, I haven't experienced that. You might need to get it checked out if you are concerned. I hope you feel better soon.
Is it your bones sticking out a bit more? I know I can feel that in my bum and shoulders
Breast bone pain is not part of LT (or any other weight loss method)
Central chest pain should ALWAYS be checked by a Doctor. Is most probably an indigestion type symptom, but all other causes need to be excluded as well. Ring your surgery and get seen (today)
We should never neglect our health, we only get one body!
I'm sure it'll all be fine, but go and get it checked out. xx
I think I figured it out I was lifting weights last night and thin I ent a bit to heavy , the discomfort went with some difene jel so at least I know its nothing cardiac its muscular think i might ease off on the weights for a bit


Gonna be slim again
Hey Nicola do you know that us sailors offer a free breast bone massage to to all LT birds!:D
I might just have to take you up on that offer
LMAO @ Sailor jacks cheeky comment. talk about seizing the moment lol


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its prob an inflamation of your intercostal muscles (the ones between the ribs) if it gets worse if you take a deep breath, then prob that. but if you get an additional pain in your abdomen, jaw, arms, feeling sick etc, then get checked out.

as you were lifting weight, then most likely that, but never ignore a chest pain that feels like a tight band or crushing or if it is accompanied by another symptom.

hope it settles down soon, take it easier next time wonder woman! ;)

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