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breast feeding


taking one day at a time
I really want to give breast feeding a go this time I mixed fed last time and did not really ask for help so felt I failed in the end anyway I am a bit paranoid about feeing infront off people ,dont ask me whay just am cannt imagine been sat in front off everyone room full off people getting my boobs and belly on show has anyone have any tips on making it less obvious I have to buy nrsing tops but they are so expensive was thinking maybe a few larger sized cami tops under clothes to cover things any tips
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I think a lot of mums wear a cami / vest top under larger tops for BF wear.
And also Home Page a ring sling has excess material that can be used as a 'cover' without paying extra money - sling can be used for baby to BF while you are 'hands free' or out and about too.

I have read that great tips on what people 'see' is to feed in front of a mirror while getting the hang of it and feeling confident. And remember your rights to feed too as many places are horrible when they're not allowed to be.

I am really hoping to BF as you can likely tell! lol I've found (with my MW's help) a relatively local BF support group so that should help me get further than last time.

BF law: http://www.babiesnappies.co.uk/2008/07/20/breastfeeding-in-public-the-laws-made-clear/

Kelly Mom:
BF Support forum

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Loves weight.. training!
oh and there are other sites like LeLeche / NCT etc that have telephone support for when you NEED it right then and there. ((Hugs))

Heres a good page on Le Leche - lots of download advice. :) La Leche League GB - breastfeeding information

Has your MW told you what support is in your area? or have you found anything on google?
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i have fed all my children myself. i found that a nice knitted shawl draped around my shoulders covered the feeding baby and my breasts from roving eyes. it does anger me when these do gooders and closed minded people start telling us we must feed our babies in toilets or away from everyone, would they eat their meal in a toilet?


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Meena that is the best way to put it! and no, i dont expect they would!!

I too cant wait to breastfeed, i am so nervous about not getting it right though, and as i had GG boobs before i was pregnant and god only knows what size they are now, im petrified of feeding around people, even my parents would you beleive...

the last thing i want though is to be shut away every time i feed my baby, or to feel pressured into just giving baby a bottle...

Will really look into those websites and tipe you have posted!

Mummy2beslim - Thankyou so much for asking what iv been worrying about for the last 28 weeks

Happy feeding


taking one day at a time
I went to mothercare yesterday and got a camisole for breastfeeding so though can just put that under my tops when I go out .I just dont want to get my boobs out infront off all the family how ridiculous is that lol not as if they have not seen anyone bf before its just soemthing that bothers me last tme I mixed fed and had problems with bf so ended up feelign really guilty and gave up as was scared to ask for help so thisime im really worried if I cant do it as it caused me a lot off distess im such a chicken sometimes and think I should be able to do it bunot always the case :(

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Aww it's only natural to be shy in front of relatives etc still. We are after all British! lol I am the same and even had a conversation with my DH as he asked if I'd be naked in the birth pool like so many vids you see.. he knew I'd say no! lol I have a bra top I'll wear. I wouldn't be comfy totally naked!
And the same applies to my BF - will be discreet or in private places.
Don't be embarrassed to ask for help though, try finding out whats around now and go along if you can - I'm planning on going to a BF support group locally before bump arrives. So that I know some faces. Also met up with a mum I know goes to a parent group 10 miles away from me that is open 4 mornings a week so if I need help / support it's there.

((hugs)) we can do it! naturally we are destined too we just have to figure it out how to actually carry on.


taking one day at a time
thank you will def not give up this tim and have a few friends who bf as well so will get the here to assist lol


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MI'M still bf jocelyn at 18 months, she doesn't feed while we're out now but when she did I lived in mothercare vest tops - they've got like a underbra bit in them so when you drop one side down you then feed through a slit in the mateial, very discreet!

If you get on with ring slings then great but I never dis (and we used slings exclusively until I was too pg to carry her anymore and that was 2 months ago! We used a wrap sling exclusively until she was nearly 11 months and I could still walk around town feeding her in that at that age even with no one even aware!


taking one day at a time
I have moby wrap can you feed in one off those just wondered been looking at mamascarf which looks quite good :)

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