breast feeding...

sarah j

hey all...
i am new to all this (day 4) so would appreciate some help, if you can!!
my pharmacist is aware that i am still breastfeeding and told me i am ok to use the lipotrim.
having lurked around on this site for a while it seems that most of you are over your hunger and cravings by this time and since i am most definately still hungry i was wondering whether it was because i am nursing? :confused:
would be very grateful for your thoughts... do you think that an extra shake or half of one might help with the hunger or should i just hang on for a bit yet to see if the hunger does go?
so far so good, i must add. no nibbles at all just not sure i could sustain the diet with enthusiasm while feeling sooooo hungry!
thanks in advance.....
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I think you need to check with lipotrim cos I wouldnt of thought you would be getting enough for yourself whilst breast feeding BUT saying that I was on it whilst trying to conceive & that was ok so I really dont know.
Good luck with it tho you sound to be coping ok with it