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breast reduction

Good evening all.

I was wondering if anyone has had, or knos of anyone who has had a breast reduction. I will researching more next week form the internet but would like tohear from anyone who knows first hand what its like, cost, after effects etc.

I have lost weigh tnow but although my boobs have gotten a little smaller i still feel that take over me and when i am talking to people they seem to talk do my boobs more than me. I have always been quite a big busted gal and now finally enough is enough. I am 38 on Dec 1st adn wanna do this for me (although dh thinks not....obviously!)

So anyone got any stories to tell...horrific or good to set me on my route to make a final decision.

Thanks guys

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S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
I would love to hear about this too. I have enormous boobs and although they are shrinking Im worried that they are going to end up looking "empty" I am sure I am going to need a reduction and uplift, and possibly a tummy tuck to get rid of my apron, which is shrinking but Im sure its not going to spring back into place.
Hello, I saw a sergeon at the beginning of the year, reagrding a reduction/lift. I was always overweight from a child, so my boobs were always huge, at my heaviest, 4 years ago, i was 17 stone and I was a H cup! When I got to my goal wieght of 9.7 (I am on CD as I have gained a stone and a half in a month, and need to learnhow to eat properly!) My boobs shrank down to a D cup.....when in a bra if you know what I mean! The are literally just empty, like deflated balloons, look great in a bra but horrid without! (And I also have an apron, they do shrink a bit, but mine will always be there to some degree as I had a c section, still have to tuck it in to my jeans!)

Hence why I didnt go thought with the procedure, as there is nothing there, apart from what droops down, I would have had to have had inplants, as a reduction and lift would have lfet me practically flat chested. I just didnt want implants as I have a history of breast cancer and an inplant can make it harder to feel lumps. I just have to live with the boobs of an 80 year old!

Although, I have a friend who had a reduction, she went from a f to a c cup, shes really short and was having back probs, she never looked back. SHe had a few probs with infection around her nipples, where they had to move them up (its quite a common thing to get a small infection there), but she only has tiny scars now, and is much happier. She was loosing weight when she wanted them done and was advised to get to as near a poss to her goal before getting it done.

She went through BUPA, I think the cost was 3,000, but she stayed in hospital for a couple of extra days.
I had one 9 years ago when i was 18 i had gg cuo breasts that gave me terrible back pain, i was so euphoric after wards that i honestly cant remember having pain i was just so excited to get home and try all my clothes on and not bee busting out lol The only thing that did hurt was the removal of the drains but it is quite quick, I have quite dark skin and unfortunatly i developed keloid scars however these do not really bother me as no one has to see my scars unless i want them too and they are covered by my bra. Good luck with your decision make sure you see a reputable surgeon
I too am planning to have a reduction I am a HH cup, and at my lightest was a FF. I was offered one 10 years ago on NHS but decided not to go ahead when it was explained it was unlikely I would be able to breast feed afterwards. As it happens I have never been blessed with children and so I wish I had done it then!
A friend of mine had hers reduced in Tunisia 18 months ago and has never looked back. Her back and neck/shoulder pain all gone:)

I had one approx 10 years ago - couldn't tell you what the cost was as I was lucky enough to have in on the NHS (I was popping out of a 32 H if memory serves).

The first 24 hours were not great but I think that that was more to do with the fact that I don't do well with anaesthesia more than anything else. Getting the drainage tubes out was not fun but not as bad as it's made out to be. I was sore for about 10 days and had to wear what I can only describe as a REALLY REALLY big tubey grip for about a month - then a wire free bra 24/7 for another month. I was back to work in a fortnight and driving within 4 weeks.

The worst bit for me was being reliant on others for a few days - waking up in morning and having to have someone sit me up and having someone change the dressings for me - I guess I'm just far too indepentant

As long as you take pain killers regularly it's really a manageable pain. My scars are neat and hidden (an upside-down T under each boob) and I had no infection problems

I won't lie- it hurt a little but weighing up the pros and cons? It's the best thing I've ever done!

Hope this helps

Ails xx

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