Breastfeeding and dieting?


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Am I right in thinking you can do WW if you are breastfeeding after baby gets to a certain number of weeks?Or am I imagining things?LOL.
She is now 7 weeks old and although I plan to go back to Cambridge when I stop feeding, that's not going to be for a loooong time,and if I don't do something to lose some weight now I will be twice as big by then :(
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You can do WW after your 6week check up just to make sure you good to go. You will given extra pts because your breastfeeding. Hope you'll join us soon

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Hey - from the midwifery side, just wanted to add, it's really important you eat all your points if you are BF as insufficient nutrition can lead to problems with your milk supply... that's why you are given the extra points.

Good luck.


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I did WW while breast feeding ten years ago - you get extra points to eat so it doesnt affect your milk - my midwife and health visitor said WW was the best diet to be on whilst breast feeding. One thing I did find helpful was if I ate my extra points in liquidy foods - either soups or porridge rather than solid foods. Pretty sure this advice would still stand ten years on! :) xxx


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Hi there. I am a breastfeeding mum and I have been doing WW for 12 weeks now and have had a lot of success. I agree with what everyone else has said - you have to eat all your points and drink lots of water. I was given 10 points whilst I was only breastfeeding and now she has started taking bottles I am given 5. It's worked brilliantly for me and I am sure it will work for you too. Goodluck!!

BTW, congrats on your baby girl :)