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Breastfeeding and lipotrim

Now before you all jump on me and say I'm irresponsible for doing so, I'm only thinking about it and I personally don't think it is as scandalous as it sounds. :eek:

I was following the Lipotrim diet when I fell pregnant in April 2008 (see my ticker - I haven't updated since then, I've suddenly remembered how well I did! :D )

My 'baby' is now 14 months old - I am still breastfeeding but she doesn't 'need' my breastmilk as such, she just enjoys it, it obviously does have nutritional value and medical benefits (for both of us) but if she decided to stop, I wouldn't be devestated.

So, I've booked a holiday in August to America. I've never been to America and it will be my daughter's first ever holiday - I'd quite like to look nice in the photos (and I reckon carrying less weight the heat won't effect me as badly! :rolleyes:)

I didn't put on a huge amount of weight while I was pregnant and although I haven't lost all of it, I don't think I'm far from where my ticker says I am. So I think it is fairly feasible to achieve my target and have introduced food back into my diet and be eating normally and healthily in time for leaving to go on holiday (and I have no desire to eat 'the American way' when we are there! ;) ) but, I'd need to start now really.

My daughter is pretty much down to a breastfeed just once in the evening, probably as much for the comfort as anything else.

Is there anything in Lipotrim that would harm her? I'm guessing, if anything, she will just get a small share of the vitamins and minerals (which can't be a bad thing) and if it does affect milk production she may choose to wean herself (which would suit me fine, I'm just feeling a bit uneasy at forcing her to wean... :sigh: ) Obviously, I understand why nursing mothers are generally told they can't diet, and specifically not VLCD, but surely my situation is different? I don't have a newborn baby who is solely dependant on me for nourishment, I have a robust toddler who would actually be fine if she decided to stop.

Any thoughts?
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My concern is more for you than your child. Even if she only uses you for one meal a day Im sure thats a fair few calories. Maybe you could do 2 shakes and a small meal until she has chosen to wean?

I tried weight watchers whilst breastfeeding and that was hard enough!!
But surely burning calories is just a bonus? I went to the gym a couple of weeks into Lipotrim last time. I won't be able to do that this time because of my daughter (and I work full time from home) so aside from running around after her and walking the dog (which is more me walking over the road to the park and standing still while I throw the ball for her repeatedly :eek: ) I'm not going to burning off that many calories.

Did you notice a marked difference dieting when you were breastfeeding to when you weren't? I hadn't given that aspect much thought to be honest. :eek:

Thank you for your reply. :)


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OK, Julie, the official story is that a VLCD and LT are a serious no-no.......... but you know that anyway! Any diet less than 2500kcal a day whilst bf is contraindicated..

However, I first did LT in when my youngest was 2 1/2 and was having 2-3 feeds a day. I lost weight and he continued to feed.......... and he still would do given the opportunity.

If you are determined to do LT then consider doing a meal and 2 shakes or possibly 4 shakes a day. DO NOT restrict your little one BF...... BF is the best way to burn calories for you at the mo. Plus its the most amazing thing you can do for your baby.

LT and bf are not good together. FACT. But if you intend to do LT then make sure you get as much info as possible!
I called spoke to my pharmacist and they called LT whilst I was there, as I was BF when I first thought about returning to LT.

They said under no circumstances should I do both - and it was unlikely, due to the fact LT is a VLCD, that I would even produce sufficient/decent milk.

The official advice is to consume 500 more calories a day when BF than you normally would, so LT would not be conducive with that.

I did stop BF before I went back to LT - so can't talk from experience i'm afraid.
Theresa - thank you.

I think DD might have cottoned on to what I was thinking and has already had three feeds today! :rolleyes:

If I also had a meal - would I use the maintenance Lipotrim?

I understand the official line will be a resounding no. But I do think the fact that I am nursing a toddler who is not solely dependant on me - and lets be honest, I'm carrying more than enough weight to not need the extra 500 calories - that it needn't be so black and white? It's an awful comparison and I hate people who do it (which is why I'm pulling it out now :rolleyes: :eek: ) but women in third world countries nurse for extended periods, consume less calories, burn off more calories and have significantly lower BMIs. As I said it's a rubbish comparison, we're not directly comparable and significantly, I have choices whereas as the woman in the third world country doesn't. But it makes me feel uneasy about why I should be consuming more calories when I am significantly overweight and my daughter eats plenty, drinks water and supplements with breastmilk? I wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything in her first year but now... :confused:

I do have concerns regarding the negative impact of her observing me not eating proper food for a few months. But I also have concerns about being seriously overweight and the negative effect my self opinion could have on her in the future (and the vain idea that I'd rather look slimmer in holiday photos! :eek: )

Gosh, I wish this wasn't so difficult.

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