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Breastfeeding and Slimming World

Hiya All,

I know recently there have been a few posts regarding breastfeeding and following Slimmming World.

I have asked Starlight if she could create a sticky the same as the pregnancy sticky. Which she kindly agreed too.- Thank you Starlight!

So back to my post lol....

I've just had a baby and starting to think of SW fitting into with my life with a baby and I wondered how other mums have got on with a new baby and doing SW breastfeeding plan?

I also wondered if you ladies would like to use the tread for support...I know selfish yes for me haha

Thanks x x
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You have no idea how badly I've needed a thread like this! It's been a tough few months, to say the least. Breastfeeding has been going brilliantly but unfortunately my eating was totally out of control and I've gained 2st. 2st in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! How???

The good news is that I started afresh on Monday (it was my b'day on Sunday) and so far it's been going well, I've been on track 100% which feels like an immense achievement as I've disappointed myself so many times over the last few months... Anyway I'm not going to dwell on my SW failings, this time my plan of action is to stay positive, be kind to myself and take it one day at a time.

P.S. Loving the extra HEs! :D

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Yay for this thread - am hoping to join it sometime in the next 2 weeks :)

Honey - you know you can shift that weight gain and you're doing it the right way :)
Hiya Honey, glad that you're breastfeeding is going well. I'm sorry you've struggled with the plan, do you think your weight gain is through breastfeeding or simply not getting the right balance with SW?

I'be only had baby 3days ago but starting to think abt the plan. I didn't.gain much and would ideally like to keep to staying the same until things are settled

What are the allowances for exclusively breastfeeding or part formula/BF?



o from the "Eat Well, Live Well, feel amazing" SW pamphlet

"You can enjoy the additional HE's on top on your usual 2a and 2b choices. We recommend that one or preferably two of these are made from milk and cheese section"

Baby's age
Up to 2 months - 3
2-3 months - 4
4-6 Months (if starting to wean)- 3
4-6 months (if breastmilk is the only source of nutrient for your baby) 4
Over 6 months when weaning - 1

"The recommended daily intake of calcium increases from 700mg to 1250mg per day"

Healthy Extra's
350ml skimmed milk - 420mg
250ml semi skimmed - 300mg
350ml calcium enriched unsweetened soya milk - 420mg
28g cheddar - 200mg
42g reduced fat cheddar - 350mg
Free foods
100g very low fat natural/flavoured yoghurt - 160mg
100g sardines in tomato sauce - 430mg
100g tofu (plain or naturally smoked) 510mg
100g spinach - 170mg
100g Okra - 160mg

Thats a wee shortened version of the food list. Hope this helps.


Is a crunchy mama!
Hiya Honey, glad that you're breastfeeding is going well. I'm sorry you've struggled with the plan, do you think your weight gain is through breastfeeding or simply not getting the right balance with SW?

I'be only had baby 3days ago but starting to think abt the plan. I didn't.gain much and would ideally like to keep to staying the same until things are settled

What are the allowances for exclusively breastfeeding or part formula/BF?
My weight gain was from making a very naive mistake in thinking I could eat whatever I wanted because I was breastfeeding. I assumed the weight would just melt off regardless of what I ate so I really went to town lol. I also got major sugar cravings so I was making a dessert every night! My fave was rhubarb and apple crumble with copious amounts of double cream. Mmmmm :D Almond crossaints for breakfast, brownies, chocolates, endless slices of bread and butter, pies, baguettes, pastries, macaroons etc were the reason for my weight gain :eek:

By the time I realised my weight was going up rather than down I'd formed pretty bad habits. That, coupled with my fear that cutting back and eating healthily would affect my milk supply, kept me eating rubbish for another month. It was only a week ago that I decided to just go for it! I was still worried about my milk supply, especially as the day after I restarted SW my boobs seemed a lot softer but I made sure to drink lots of water and hold on to the knowledge that the fact that I was gaining so much weight meant that I was clearly eating more than my body needed (with the excess calories migrating to my hips!) so logically following SW shouldn't affect my supply. Then I read articles about how a sudden drop in calories could affect milk production and that nearly sent me to the biscuit tin! It was a harrowing few days to say the least. But I kept my faith and by day 4 my supply was back up and overflowing again!

I don't know if it was all in my head or just the natural fluctuations of milk production or whether it was indeed because of my change in diet. Whatever the case, I'm just glad everything is fine. My daughter never showed any signs of hunger or disatisfaction at all so maybe it was all in my head lol. She's almost 4 months and 16lbs the chubster!! I feel so proud that she's thriving on my boobie juice, it would kill me to have that compromised in any way. Now that I know that my supply is fine, I can fully focus on SW and blast this weight off! I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am. For the first time since my daughter was born I feel encouraged and positive that I can do this.

Sorry this turned into a bit of a ramble, hope it helps anyone else in my situation.
Hi Honey don't apologise for your.post, that's the whole.point for the thread.

Well done on your cracking weight loss.

Im eager to start back on the plan as I want to make sure that I don't gain anything I've lost.

I'm currently weigh 12st 7lbs and only have 4.5lbs to lose on my baby weight, then I want to lose a stone. This will get me to 11st and I'm planning on doing it in abt 25weeks.

How are you finding the plan fitting around your little one? X


Is a crunchy mama!
It's been easier than I thought Cheeky. I always imagined I'd have a chaotic life having a baby but I find that if I'm organised, everything goes smoothly. I'm organised by nature anyway so it's been not too bad. My daughter takes 3 naps a day so I always use her naps as windows of opportunity! Usually she's up around 7 and has her morning nap between 9 and 10 so I have a shower and breakfast then. Then I have lunch during her afternoon nap between 1 an 2. And when she has her evening nap around 5 I start prepping for dinner. We eat around 7, us at he table and little one in her rocker near me. Then I clear up after dinner, do dishes while hubby gives bub a bath and rocks her to sleep.
When all that is done I usually have something sweet with a tea, like alpen lights. And that's it! There are days when things don't go to plan but I can always count on the fact that she will sleep at some point and I eat then! I just make sure to have snacks to keep me going which isn't too hard with all the HEs we get!


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Hello ladies :)
happy to find a SW whilst BFing thread, i have 5 week old twins and am exclusively BFing them both (apart from a cheeky wee 2oz of formula at 9pm, shh!) but have been eating for Britain since they were born, boy am i hungry!!
really need to reign it in as if i keep going at this rate i'll be the size of a house! i had horrendous morning sickness during my pg'y and ended up 12lb less after the birth than i was when i got pg't so am really keen to not undo all that and go on to lose 2st more to get to goal. my profile pic is me at 36+4 (day before birth), and 3 weeks after twin birth. tummy is doing quite well but i have a way to go!
as a previous SW'er i do only green days - am i right in thinking that i would get 6 extra healthy extras and that i should have 4 out of the 6 of them from the A list for calcium? lordy knows how i'm gonna eat 10 healthy extras a day altogether but i think i'll manage some how ;)
nice to meet you all and any hints and tips gratefully appreciated, especially if there are any other twin mums doing SW? XXX


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OMG Minx you look amazing for having just had twins! OMG!! Did you have girls or boys or one of each? No wonder you're starving!

You get 3 extra HEs (in addition to your normal HEs) until your little one is 2 months and then you get an extra 4 until you wean; and then you get only 1 extra HE. So right now you should have 5 HEs altogether on EE, or 6 or 7 on Green & Original (depending on whether you have 1 or 2 HEAs on green and original)

I wonder if you get more HEs breastfeeding twins...


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You know I was thinking, with all the healthy extras we get from breastfeeding it might be a better idea to go with red and green days rather than EE as there's a wider variety of HEs available... Lovely things like nuts, seeds, stewed and dried fruit... Mmmm.. I think I'll do a red/green week next week and see how I go!


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thankyou honeyoc, i feel much better now theyre out hehe! i was reckoning that i'd probably get twice the no of HExtras as i'm making double the milk? i hope so lol!! i'm just doing green days as i'm 99% veggie apart from the odd bit of chicken as i dont like meat, i love quorn though! i've got a boy and a firl, i'll put some pics of my bundles up on my profile when i get a min. well done on the BFing, it is hard i think! totally determined to keep going though, but not looking forward to 6 week growth spurt which i'm sure is just about to hit me in the face! thanks for replying XXX


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Awww they look gorgeous! Soooo cute and so tiny! What did they weigh when they were born? I have no idea what it's like to handle a tiny baby as my daughter was almost 4kg when she was born :eek:

Is it really hard taking care of twins? How do you breastfeed them??? My husband and I want a second but there are several sets of twins on both sides so there's a good chance I might end up with twins!!!
Hi Guys

I'm joining you on the breastfeeding thread as Adam Robin arrived yesterday - we got home today.
Will be back later - as having probs trying to get Adam latched on - had the same issue with DS1 as well!


Is a crunchy mama!
Awww congratulations on Adam Robin! Love his name! You must be sooo happy and proud. You've got to post pics! Good luck with breastfeeding!
Well ladies, I've been on SW for 3days and feeling better. I have enjoyed the HE lol

Had a sneaky peak at my scales and in one week since giving birth I've lost all the baby weight I gained (14.5lbs) so really really chuffed. I'm not gonna look at the scales till my official weigh in on Monday, just couldn't resist as its been a week since I had my little one lol
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