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Breastfeeding mums food diary.


Want to lose a stone!
Right I was getting this very wrong, Ive just foung out so best I do one of these even for just a week or two so I can see if Im doing it right.

Breakfast- 28g of porridge oats
Milk 250mls -(hex a)

Snack - 2xAlpen light bars(hex b) 1 - light laughing cow,
1apple, 1 pear, strawberrys

Lunch - Jacket with beans and cheese
42g low fat cheddar (hex a)

Snack - yoghurt and fruit
(will edit with amount)

Dinner - SW chips, quorn sausages, broccoli and baked beans.

Evening hunger - yoghurt and fruit
(will edit with amount)

Ive no idea if this is enough healthy extras. I think with the yoghurts it might be?

My last food diary (on paper) had no HEX's

My baby is 4 months old and fully breastfed.
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Want to lose a stone!
I cant scroll down to edit from my phone.

So afternoon snack is muller light yoghurt and an apple.

Dinner changed to steak, SW chips and peas.
With muller light for after.

Think I need to add a hex or two to this so will revise.
Hi, I know nothing of either red or EE days, or how you should tailor SW to breastfeeding, just saw your post and wanted to say how lovely to hear of a fully breastfed 4 month old baby ..... aaah

Good luck with whatever loss you are aiming for


Want to lose a stone!
Ok today - Sunday

Breakfast - Oats (HEXB) 28g
With 200ml Soya milk (half a HEXA)

Snack - 2 x Alpen Light bars (HEXB)

Apple and pear

Lunch - Super Speed Soup (YUM by the way!)
With 3 cheese triangles (half a Hex A)

Snack - Muller light

Dinner - SW roast pots, broccoli, carrots, lean chicken.

Evening snack

Muller light, apple, pear, strawberries.

And more Hex a if I read this back and see im lacking.

Also last night I had 2 apples, 2 pears, strawberries and muller light in the evening.


Want to lose a stone!
5 x Triangles = Hexa.

Ive had three apples and three pears though.

Im eating a LOT if fruit, Im reining this in as of tomorrow I dont think its going to help me lose.

are you going to a group and getting advice there? Which soya milk are you having as you have different quantities for different sorts.

As for your fruit intake, that doesn't look excessive to me, I lose on that sort of quantity and more. When is WI?


Want to lose a stone!
Hi Micci.

Im not using soya milk now, I was just cutting dairy it out for a couple of weeks to see if it had any effect on my baby who has reflux. It made no difference, so back on the regular milk.

Thanks for you input on the fruit because ive cut down on it today and Ive been starving. My baby is VERY big for his age and hes going through a growth spurt so feeding a lot so Im constantly hungry. I am again now and I had a big dinner and just had 2 pears and a muller light. *sigh*

Weigh in tomorrow.


Want to lose a stone!

Oats 28g HEXB
Milk 200mls HEXA

Muller light
2 pears
1 apple
5 triangles HEXA

Superspeed soup
Muller light

3 strawberries
1 Aplen Light bar (1/2 HEXB)

Roast pots
LOTS if broccoli

Muller light
2 pears
Half box strawberries
2 eggs
(VERY VERY hungry, baby growth spurt)
Gosh yes, I remember the breastfeeding hunger and thirst! Hang in there, it will work for you. Of course, some lucky people just lose the baby weight with BFing anyway - I wasn't one of them :(

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