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Extra Easy Breastfeeding


I did struggle to use my he's to begin with but now I find it a lot easier :)

2 weetabix for breakfast

2 alpen light mid morning snack

wholemeal cob & cheese for lunch

1 kellogs fibre plus cereal bar mid afternoon snack

glass of milk in the evening

Thats all 6 used up.

Think I will struggle more when lo is six months and I will lose 5 of them :cry:

Some days I use all of them, others I only use a few! My consultant said I need to make sure most of them are A's. Not sure if I could eat that much cheese or drink that much milk!! I already have 2 yogurts a day!!
Are you doing extra easy? Think it will be hard when I stop bf and only have two healthy extras on extra easy!
How old is your baby?

katie x
I am breastfeeding also, I manage to use some up on breakfast with 4 weetabix and 700ml of skimmed milk + 2 cups of tea. Dont really have anymore extra, as dont feel I need them. I also take a pregnancy and breastfeeding multi-vit, as find I can get low in iron. Thats down to hidious periods after birth though! Yes periods while breastfeeding *angry-face* lol
I sometimes manage 3 a's but do struggle which is why I have mainly b's but haven't found that it has affected my milk supply at all.

Lo is 4 1/2 months how old is yours?

Yes I am doing ee, I'm really enjoying it and don' feel like I'm on a diet at all really :)

I'm also taking a pregnancy/breastfeeding vitamin at the moment. No periods yet though I don't get them when I'm breastfeeding but I'm sure they will return when I start weaning :(

Poor you having periods again already I thought that was the perk of breastfeeding !

It wont affect your supply at all, as cows milk does not make human milk! ;) Not drinking enough fluid, will affect supply. My baby is the same age as yours, but I have now been bf for 26 months
Ah Divvy that sucks!!!! Poor you! Bf for that long too :eek:!!!!!
My baby is 4 and a half months too! Born 16th may!
Thats a good idea having more weetabix in the morning! I have two at the moment and get really hungry mid morning!

Katie x
4 does the trick for me! ;)

Baby was born on 5th May. I fed my other child till the night before I went in to have this baby, he was 20 months at that point. Couldnt face feeding 2 at the same time though!
Blimey!! How was the 20month old when you stopped and started feeding the baby? I wonder what happens if you have twins- if you have to have even more hex?!!
He was fine, but still loves to put his hand in my top when hes feeling tired, its a skin thing! ;)

If you are feeding twins, I guess you maybe dont have to worry about food!

I often wonder if say a feed of 100ml, if breast milk has 70 calories, does our body burn 70 calories making 70 calories worth of milk?:confused:


How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Breastfeeding? | eHow.com

It says here that
Breastfeeding burns an average of 500 calories a day, with the typical range from 200 to 600 calories burned a day. It's estimated that the production of 1 oz. of breast milk burns 20 calories. Babies who are exclusively breastfed consume an average of 25 oz. of breast milk a day, meaning that moms burn 500 calories a day. The normal range of breast milk taken in by 1- to 6-month-old babies is 19 to 32 oz. a day. The amount varies after six months, depending on how much solid food the baby eats.
I'm breastfeeding too and my LO is 9 weeks. Also struggle some days to use the extra HEx's. Same as Divvy above I tend to have a huge bowl of cereal in the morning to use an extra A and B then use another for milk in tea/coffee. Bought some Alpen bars yesterday so can use B for snacks and some Laughing Cow triangles so I can use those instead of butter if I have a sandwich (B for bread :)) and save myself some syns too. Did I just go over my allowance ha ha?
I wish I'd thought of losing weight while breastfeeding, I've been feeding or pregnant for 3 years and just stopped feeding my 13 month old 2 weeks ago, I could never stick to it as feeding made me so hungry (as did the back to back pregnancies) and consequently put on 6 stone all together, good luck to you all doing it and well done for breastfeeding (it doesnt get said enough) xx
Thank you Lexie

Allie, still think you are within your allowed amount, mad isnt it! I have to recheck my book sometimes, I am really allowed that many extra? lol

I do worry about getting too used to them, and then having to drop them when I start weaning!
hi im not in a sw club doing it on my own with a pal, and i always check out this site and i didnt realise you get more hex for breastfeeding. Im not exclusively bf as ds is weaning so guess its about 3 times a day. Will i get more hex if i only do it a few times a day?
must say im not that bothered if i dont as ds is probably getting the most healthiest milk hes ever had lol
thanks in advance
Still breastfeeding my little girl who as just turned 4. Carried on so long because 1 we both love it and two she as a bad allegy to cows milk. So finding it hard to lose weight on sw diet but still trying. Stopped going to classes so just weighing myself each week at home.

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