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Britains Most Disgusting Food


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:eek: Eurrgh! did anyone catch this programme on BBC3 or 4 on Thursday night? They were exposing the utter crap that maufacturers use either as substitutes or additives in food.
It would put you off eating anything that's in any way prepared or part-prepared. I said to OH "No wonder I feel so well on LT, I'm not getting any of that stuff in me"!!
Try and catch it on watch again if you can, specially if you've got kids, you won't want to feed them any of this.
When I start eating again, I'm going to be SO careful about what I eat, a small amount of good quality, versus the loads of rubbish I used to hoover up. :innocent0002:
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Think I'm gonna have to add this to my 'to watch' list now... sounds interesting and more than a little scary. Was it worse than that Sandwiches Unwrapped program from Dispatches?


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I watched the Dispatches Sandwiches one....oh no I'm not sure I should watch it, I've not been near ham since Dispatches!!


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I'll try and watch that it sounds intresting. Did you see the Jaimie Oliver chicken one? sausages UUrghh i used to love hot dog ones, OMG they are made from all sorts and not the liquorice ones either!!
I didn't see that but I know what goes into sausages. Have them VERY rarely, like once or twice a year if that but I think I'll cut down/cut them out now! :eek:
I get mine from a local farm shop. They are expensive c75p per sausage but they are big (only one needed for a sausage sandwich) and really good quality. I don't touch sausages from anywhere else.
I agree wheels, I get my sausages from our butcher who makes his own - more expensive but you know its not all the rubbish of the day thats in them, and you don't need as many as they are pure meat!
All that connective tissue and rind being ground up was pretty gross, but I thought the marketing was the scariest - made things sound positively healthy and good for you - the dolphin free apple pie was funny though!


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:eek: Eurrgh!

When I start eating again, I'm going to be SO careful about what I eat, a small amount of good quality, versus the loads of rubbish I used to hoover up. :innocent0002:
:eek::eek::eek: Well said Cathy :D:D:D! I ain't hoovering up grub no more!!
OOh gotta go and watch that prog. now that I'm refeeding. I'm sure it will keep me on the straight and narrow!


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You know what always put me off cheap sausages etc. was,wait for it,the grissle you found when you chewed,gross!
I had to eat supermarket sausages!!! I said I would cook sausages and mash for a friend who came over last night. I went to the farm shop and they were closed. So I got tescos finest and they were quite nice. But it was noticable how much more fat came out them as I cooked them. Still managed to confine myself to two and only a third of the mash. Bless him, my friend had a mountain on his plate!

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