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Broccolli and Cheese Soup. Tried it?


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Tried it and yuck yuck yuck.
I have tried them all yuck.
The only one I can actually get down is the leek and potato with plenty of black pepper in it.
I think I'm going to stick to vegetable and spicy tomato. I like them and look forward to my soup while daughter is having tea. I have a coffee and a soup and she's finished before me! No more B&Ch though!


Winning a losing battle!
I can't stand any of the soups anymore but brocolli and cheese is just wrong! The leek and potato was ok with lots of black pepper.
and it stinks! lol
It's vile! So is Spicy Tomato. The rest are ok though. I'm not very keen on the shakes but most people are. Suppose one man's meat is another man's poison.
I think it upset my tum too. :cry:


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I only like the chicken and mushroom but have got fed up of that so I stick to the porride, shakes and bars and if I fancy something savoury I have the veg water flavouring. I hated the spicy tomato yuck and never tried the brocoli and cheese as every one said it was vile. Zoe x


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Agree entirely- the B&C soup was, sadly, the first thing I tried on CD, and it is therefore a miracle that I carried on at all!
I think your tastes change too. I've never had much of a sweet tooth and for the first month or so, had a soup every day. After a while, I found I couldn't stomach them anymore so have been shakes and porridge ever since.

I think CDCs should warn you not to try soups first off!
I live off the soups and porridge! Didn't buy any more of the shakes after the first week as they made me want to gag but I've never tried the Broccoli after all of the negative comments I've read. I think (at most) only about 5% of people seem to like it.
I think the mousse is vile too but most people seem to love it. It makes me feel sick as I can taste that CD thing -vitamins or something powdery! Yuck!
do you know - I felt that too but mousse just feels so indulgent - hey I am only on week two so thought I would give it a shot....hate the apple and cinammon porridge too - but hey 8lb off so pleased as punch - 20lb to go!

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