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Broken Britain was mended today!

Well at least a little bit.:p

I thought the wedding do - in spite of all the hype, and not because of it was superb. THis is possibly one of the only things we excel at and the world looks on in envy. A good old bit of pomp and pageantry lol.

As always the coverage and commentary by the BBC was astounding. It proves time and again that practice makes perfect. Even the predicted rain kept away, and it was very much a day for the people too.

I should think of such days next time I complain of the chavs in the local shopping centre or the BBC putting the licence fee up again.:p

look after our beloved Britain as I nip out to Florida for a couple of weeks;)

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It was fantastic.

I wan't planning on watching it, I popped into the living room where my daughter was watching it just to see Kate's dress and I stayed there until they were back at the palace. It was such a lovely ceremony and they are a very happy, lovely couple.

Cat x


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What a great day, as you say fab coverage by the BBC of a beautiful event - loved every minute of it and all the luck in the world to them both, and to anyone else tying the knot today xxx
I don't think one, albeit very nice, day will mend broken britain, or that Britain is broken in the first place. I am however glad everyone is happy for once!!!


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Sadly I agree with kingleds, a hooray day won't make any diiference to the way the country is going.
I enjoyed every second of it and agree with Steve, Great Britain does pomp so well.

Kate looked fantastic and they look so easy and happy together
It has been a fabulous day all round for me .
It did absolutely sod all for "broken Britain" but I'm glad those that like this sort of thing had a good day. :)
Interested on peoples opinions on the whole idea of broken britain. Don't really see it myself but maybe i am lucky? What does it actually mean??
It did absolutely sod all for "broken Britain" but I'm glad those that like this sort of thing had a good day. :)
Aww such a shame you just spilled half your glass:(

As for "Broken Britain" - it is a throwaway line, a phrase used by comedian Al Murray - aka The Pub Landlord. Reference to recession, and all the other (perceived) problems, crime, health service, dodgy politicians, etc.

I just loved the idea of everyone having something to celebrate as a nation and irrespective of all the nay-sayers and negativity, it was a damn good show with people from all over the world staying up all hours of the night to watch it.

As I say, nobody in the world can touch us for that kind of "do".


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I thought it was beautiful and i felt very proud to be british today. i to agree that no other country in the world could do a wedding like our royals do and to have so many people come together.

She looked stunning, everyone looked so happy and there seemed to be an air of happiness in the air wherever i went today

The BBC coverage was amazing. Very lovely day overall


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It was a great historical day for the country and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :love047:

It was nice to switch off from all the usual news/problems that we face in this country. Just look at all the people who have been having parties today and who have gone to London to try and get a glimpse. It had to be an occasion to fit expectations and how often does the opportunity come around :)
Loved it
I dont think any other country in the world could put on a 'show' like that... we dont half do it well :)

I think it was a great day - nice to see so many happy people :)
You are so right. Everything about it was so good. It brought a tear or two to my eye.

I miss the U.K and to see all those happy folks congregating on London, people from all over the world and all of them so happy, not one minutes bother, made me homesick but very proud.

Interested on peoples opinions on the whole idea of broken britain. Don't really see it myself but maybe i am lucky? What does it actually mean??
I think Maximus is a great bloke and I am sure he doesn't really see Britain as broken I know I don't. I can not wait to be there. I feel sure it was more a case of a good title for a new entry.

There is hardship everywhere these days, some countries suffer more than others, for example here there is very little government help for the needy and I know it first hand as I translate for someone trying to get help from our SS. I think countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal are far more broken than the U.K.

It pi$$es me of big time that my small village pays our mayor 95.000€ a year, he is available 2 days a week. The rest of the time he works in his lucrative business. I feel sure he will not be voted in again but at the end of the day who is going to be better.

The village spends thousands and thousand of € of our money on fireworks for the endless fiestas, apart from all the other money wasting and almost criminal happenings whilst people who work hard to support their families for a minimum wage suffer extreme deprivation.

It has been a lovely day, for me a breath of fresh air to see so much happiness and love but I respect everyone else's personal view of today's events and would not dream of criticizing them for there right to air their opinions.

I still have a smile on my face.:)

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