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Brown days?


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I have been living on green days since I started on SW, but I have always known about red/original days and Extra Easy, and just not fancied them so much as green.

But today I had an epiphany ...

Walking through the Christmas aisle in Tesco, surrounded by all that chocolate, I decided I would try a brown day :D:D

I have no idea how this would actually help me lose weight, but then I don't know how eating all day long on green helps me lose weight either so I don't see that being too much of a problem.

Good idea? :D
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Lol!!! Nah, you dont want to be doing that!


is getting better at it
no not a good idea:cry:
i had a brown day of sorts yesterday and today i am suffering the stomach is making some strange noises and the loo is my second home this afternoon :eek:


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Great idea! Though I agree with Lizie2008, I had a break and felt really ill eating bad food after having eaten healthily :( But if there's a pay-out for involvement in this experiment then i'd be willing to sacrifice myself to brown days in the name of science!! :) xx


Lover of Extra Easy
Brown day is BAD!
Chocolate is bad, awful stuff so stay away!!
Well, I have brain washed myself to believe it so it is so!
I have only had 2 small bars of chocs in my 21 weeks of rejoining and syned them.
Did I enjoy them? NO. They were gone in seconds and so not worth it.
Like bread, I have totally given them up, and to tell the truth I don't miss them,as feeling good about myself and wearing nice clothes outweighs the "pleasure" of a few minutes.
So, before having a brown day just think which is better, losing pounds or brown stuff?


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
brown days = my personal favourite, dont worry hon i have een calling these days brown grey and purple forever , but you cant have two consecutive XXXXX thats the trick.

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