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Brown vs. white rice?


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Hey there,

Gradually getting myself back into SW after 6 weeks or so of incredibly busy (yet highly tasty) festive nonsense. I've put on about 6lbs which I'm not too worried about but I really want to kick start the plan so I get a good couple of losses in the weeks to come.

I was just wondering if anyone has switched to brown and wholewheat rice or pasta and has it benefitted you at all? I know white rice is free but my OH is trying to get healthy too (luckily for him - he's trying to put weight on!) and we've been reading about all the benefits of choosing brown over white so I thought I'd ask.


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and best of luck for 2011 :)

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I tried to switch from white paste and rice to wholemeal/wholewheat but I didn't stuck to it as I hated how much longer they took to cook. I think that is my lazyness though!


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We always use brown rice, and wholemeal pasta. They do take a bit longer to cook, but you get used to it after a while (on the rare occasions when we do have white rice/pasta, usually because waitrose has run out of brown stuff, it confuses the bejeezus out of me because it is ready so quickly, or ends up as mush when I overcook it without thinking!)

I much prefer the brown variety, they actually taste of something, and they are better for you. I wouldn't go back to white now.


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I really like brown rice, it's got a nutty flavour and is more substantial. I find it more satisfying especially when I'm making a vegetarian dish. I just cook it in the rice cooker and add some stock to it. It's a lot more convenient because it's out of the way and I can forget about it and get on with the rest of dinner. If I put it on first, everything is usually ready at the same time and if the rice cooks first it just stays warm on the "keep warm" setting until we're ready for it. I LOVE my rice cooker!

Wholewheat pasta is not a fave though, but you can try some brands to see which one you like best. I think Sainsbury's does some fine milled wholewheat pasta. But be careful, some wholemeal pasta that are so nice that you "wouldn't even know it was wholemeal" usually means it's only got a dusting of wholemeal flour and is mostly white lol.

I watched Food Inc the other day and I'm seriously going fulltime on wholegrains. Eeeep!


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Is just me that is scared of switching to brown/wholegrain stuff from white? Im ok with wholemeal bread, but im just scared its going to taste gross! :D
Brown rice is lovely, I found I much prefer it to white rice and yet i'd convinced myself for years it was horrible - glad to prove myself wrong!!

I try and choose wholemeal or wholewheat foods wherever I can as in my head it's simple, fibre makes you poo, the more you poo the more you lose. It's not a sophisticated approach, or based on any scientific studies, but it seems to work for me!!


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Thanks to everyone for the advice! I think I'll stick it out - it does seem to make sense. I tried it last night but I'm sure I undercooked it. Patience is not one of my strong points lol.

Massive thank you once again!

I watched Food Inc the other day and I'm seriously going fulltime on wholegrains.
Bit OT but is that worth watching? Might give that a go as well! Thanks :)


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