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Brrr...Feeling Cold

Hello all i was just wondering how bad everyones levels of coldness was...bascially i get so cold especially now in the winter months that i wear thermals, layers upon layers when outside and indoors, heating is always on...my hands are constantly so cold and i often get really bad chills (with shakes) if i am not properly layered up! lol :D I know it's cause of ketosis but it's to the point where i can't even have a bath or shower as i am scared to get out of the warmth because i get so cold! lol....I have had to get work to buy me a small fan heater that sits on my desk and is on nearly all day...hopefully you guys on RTM will tell me it stops and gets better (please lol)...............so who else has it bad or is it just me!!

Mad (constantly freezing)
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My Mum has an Aga and I spend my entire life draped over it. I wore my Ugg boots to work twice last week, despite them being totally against our dress policy. I'm constantly freezing but am not in RTM so can't help you with that question!
mmmm... I'm coldish too! But for me it's definistely the ketosis cos I live in Australia. Yesterday it was 29 outside & I still felt chilly! :eek: My hubby thinks I'm crazy! :D
Yep, here too. I'm wearing t-shirts under my work clothes, big woolly jumpers and chunky socks. The central heating's up and my husband breaks into a sweat when he comes home. The kids love it though!
I am in week 4 of RtM and it does get better - don't worry. Not like I was before LL though... I never felt the cold but then again I have taken off 7 stone of insulation. But the unbearable ketosis chills have definately lifted.
just a tip - if you get so cold that it is getting unbearable then what I used to do was run a hot, hot bath, leave the bathroom door shut for a few mins so the room heated up to, made a cup of something warm and then drank that in the bath. If you then get out and get dressed again (with socks which are vital) it seems to keep the warmth in for the evening.
Good luck - I know it can be awful - but just remember... it means it is working!!!


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From absintence until now just started week 4 RtM, I have been very cold, I wore fingerless gloves all through because of my hands and chunky socks day and night, heated up in microwave those wheat bag things to put round my neck, Laura is right, hot bath, hot drink.

I too am freezing....especially over the last couple of weeks.

I have to admit to being hugely relieved that I did the bulk of my weight loss over the summer (well sort of summer!) so I didn't suffer too much. But now that the temperature has dropped suddenley I am really suffering.

Pajamas, socks, boots, coat scarf and heating on full at all times - my colleagues hate me!

Lets hope it gets better, but as not chunky chicken anymore said - we don't have anywhere near the same insulation as before!



has started again!!
I feel the cold so much more too! I just invested in some flanallete pj's at the weekend, and they are fab! I now wear pink fluffy socks to bed, along with my hottie bottie too! I often sleep in my robe too, as I am so cold.

Our house is freezing as we have builders in and its not practical to have heating on at the mo. Mind you, our winter duvet wouldn't go amiss, but its stored at MIL's house, as we had to empty the loft quite some time ago..........

When I am at work its not too bad as I work on the top floor of the school, and both sides are glazed, so when sun is out there is a bit of a greenhouse thing going on! (Even if the teacher insists on opening the windows coz its hot in there!!!....she is 7 1/2 months pregnant tho, so has her own heating system!!)

Fingerless gloves are a great idea, I must get some as my hands, which never felt the cold, are always like ice these days!!
Thanks for all your replies guys so glad to know I am not the only crazy cold LL!! I am currently at work with my personal little fan heater by my desk! Thanks for all the tips and advice especially the bath and shower one will try it!!!.....so nice to know that I am not alone!!

Mad xx
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has started again!!
Am just drinking a cup of marigold with a splash of Tabasco. Not tried it before, veryyummy & warming. Then I will have a cup of Red Bush & a choc muffin.... almost a proper meal!!


Back to the grindstone!!
Yup, I too have to join the freezing hands and feet brigade! I have gone from being my DH hot water bottle to being the ice cube next to him!! Mind you, like you all, I have a lot less padding and I don't mind quite so much. Rather have cold hands and feet and the heating on lots than have the padding back. No thank you!!!
I am, however, looking forward to going into RTM and getting my circulation back to normal. lol

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