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keep at it great willpower getting out in this cold
Hey all! thanks for good wishes.. I didnt freeze and really enjoyed the run.. not running too far or too fast just yet but its a start!.. Can't believe I'm enjoying it.. I did some running this time last year and hated it.. was stopping a lot, walking a lot.. now I can keep going.. :) day 42, week 6, over!


I will be skinny again!!!
lol glad you didnt freeze to death!!
I was going to start running but im a heavy smoker and dont think i could run to the end of my street without colapsing lol!
Well done for taking the plunge and getting out there :) Keep it up :)


My husband = My hero
Well done Ollie, i used to run 2 miles each mornign and night! and now couldnt run a bath, was going to start again this week and sprained my back lol

so cant wait to get back out there!

sounds like u had a fab run, cant wait for that feeling again!

well done u!

hurling = Crazy!!


My husband = My hero
Thats it love, you have to take it easy otherwise its no fun, and you end up wathcin tv instead!

yeah im ok, just desperate to b able to excercise again!

lost my running partner though, my labrador (used to guilt me into taking him) has got arthritis now lol so cant come with me anymore, so just guna have to kick my own behind because i need the walk too haha

Well done on your weightloss too by the way, thats excellant!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hope your back gets better soon lauren!!
Im going to have to start walking my dog more often... then hopefully start jogging and then step it up maybe lol!!
aaah i still enjoy smoking at the minute thought lol!!


My husband = My hero
lol backs finebabe sickof moanin about it!! lol

yeah deffinately, my jasper used to guilt me into it once he was used to it he knew what time we were goin so woudl sit looki at me, so i could never not go!

was the best thing ever! got mesuper fit too, but now he cant gop anymore i just got superfat instead ha

guna have to go on my own accord, and get back into it!

good luck with starting take it slow, so u dont put yourself off, and take it easy cos of the smoking! x

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