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Hiya :-D

I'm pretty new to the site, but not to the losing weight game ( although it's probably the least fun 'game' in the world lol). And I've found that support is crucial when losing weight.

I have a vast amount to lose (11st) and I wondered if anyone out there with lots to lose too might want to buddy up to have a friend with the same ultimate goal.
A problem shared is a problem halved as they say!

It could be just on here, email or txt. I thought it 1. Would spur you on of someone is doing it with you, 2. Offer more 121 support and 3. Know your not alone and someone out there is going through the same thing, ( plus of course making a friend/acquaintance lol)

Just thought I'd throw the idea out there. Anyone who wants a weight loss buddy, u know where to find me. :)

Good luck with it all

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Hi Cee cee.
I just joined a few days ago and im still finding my way around the site. Do you still want a buddy? I have around 8-8.5 stones to lose. I'm taking xenical and doing a low fat diet monitored by my GP. I've tried loads of diets but something always seems to get in the way but I'm determined to go all the way this time for a few reasons but a biggie is that I want to conceive. I had a miscarriage earlier in the year and it's still in the back of my mind that part of it was because I wasn't healthy enough. I know these things are unexplainable but you know what its like when your mind starts working overtime.
I live about 10 miles away from newcastle upon tyne and consider myself a geordie. I am married and have 2 lovely dogs. I don't know what else to say now. Hope your diet is going well so far
Cokes/ Rach x
Hi Rach,
I'd love a buddy :) thanks for gettin in touch.

It's funny but there are sum similarities in our stories. I have 11st to lose and I too have been trying for a long time now. I've tried lots and LOTS of diets but I've decided the low cal way works for me. It's still early days but I feel really positive. I am determined to stick at it and achieve my goal!
How's the xenical going for you? I don't kno much about it, what does it involve?

I am so sorry to hear about ur miscarriage, it is an awful thing to happen! I hope once you lose weight and feel physically and mentally better you and ur husband will conceive. It's surprising how much weight can impact on hormones and fertility. This is also a subject close to my heart. I have had problems with ovarian cysts, which my doc tells me my weight will not help one bit! I have already had 1 and a half ovaries taken out so i need this little bit of one to last. Although I'm not married, I would still love to have children one day in the future & if I can do something to help that chance I'm going to do it!

Aww what breed of dogs have you got? I have a terrier/spaniel cross called Lou :)

I live in Sheffield and I'm single at the mo. I have friends kind of up ur way, in Durham. I hear the weather is crazy up there at the mo.

Well please feel free to contact me any time. I think only good can come from helping each other out. lord knows weight loss is hard, so anything to make it easier is welcome in my book. :)

Good luck with everything



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Hi Ceecee
We do have alot in common! I have had ovarian problems too and had one removed when I was 15. I was in pain for about a year and people thought I was making it up, eventually they scanned me and couldn't see 1 ovary. It turned out this was because it had been blown apart by a massive cyst the size of a grapefruit hence my pain. So I definately know the feeling of clinging to what you've got.

xenical is going well. It involves only eating foods that have less than 5g fat per 100g weight and eating no more than 15g fat per anyone meal so you are allowed up to 45g of fat per day but only made up of those low fat foods and taking the pill at each meal of course. Does that make sense? Don't quite know if Ive explained in correctly! The GP monitors your weightloss every month and in order for him to keep prescribing I need to have lost 5% body weight in 3 months and then at least 10% in 6 months. It's quite an expensive drug that's why they are strict with monitoring and giving targets.

My lovely doggies are Bruno a 2 year old black labrador, and Bonnie a 9 month old golden labrador cross collie. They get treated as if they were my children I love them to bits. At least having Lou you'll be getting a bit of excersise already, dogs are great for that. My 2 can tell the time I think because they always know when it's getting to walkies time!

I hear Sheffield is nice. Ive never been but my sister in law is at uni there. I will probably bunk a night in her halls at some point as theres meant to be a good shopping centre there if I remember rightly. You are right the weather is crazy right now. Although it hasn't snowed much in the last few days there is still loads hanging around on paths, luckily the roads are alot better now so no time off work for "snow days".

Let me know how you are getting on. I'm glad you are feeling positive. We've just got to learn to keep the motivation going and we will get there. My mini goal is to lose 28lbs over 3 months. The husband has said he'll buy me a new pair of jeans if I get there! Maybe set yourself a goal and promise yourself something nice if you get there. i need to look ahead at a target and 8st seems too much to look at so thats why Im setting the mini goal.

Take Care
Hi, so sorry for the late reply! Things have been all go here :)

How are you? Well I hope!

Wow, isn't it funny how we both had the same problem. It must have been hard to deal with at 15! It's bad that you had to suffer for over a year before the Docs believed you. Thank god they got you sorted out :)
I had been going to the Docs about it since I was 17. But they just kept saying it was probably pcos so they couldn't do much. Finally I was examined & scanned for a different matter when I was 23 and they found I had a huge cyst, which had (like yours) blown apart my right ovary & a cyst on the left trying to do the same thing. The Docs said by rights I should have been in agony for years... Thankfully I wasn't! I'm just hoping now the half I have left holds out! Gotta stay positive haven't u?!

I'm so pleased the xenical is going well for you! How long have you been on it? Did the doc suggest it to you?
Lol u explained it very well, it definitely makes sense & I'm sure you will see results!

I'm doing ok with mine too. I'm keeping to 1250-1500 cals a day. I also plan my meals, which helps a lot. It also makes me' stricter with my shopping list too.
Can I ask, what's a typical day for you, meal wise? I've been doing cereal for breakfast, fruit mid morn, soup & slice of bread for lunch, crackers mid aft, and healthy dinner like chicken, jacket pot & veg.
It varies slightly but that's my main structure. I must admit now and then I'd kill for a choc bar haha. Choc is prob my main downfall... That and cheese lol.

That's a great idea about the mini goal! I know you'll do it! I like the idea of a treat if u achieve it. Loving the jeans idea, and it's really nice that your husband is supportive. My mini target is to lose 2st by the end of feb. If, no when I do it I'll treat myself to a manicure :)
That's it then we gotta do it lol! I'll post a pic of my fabulous nails & u can get a snap of ur smaller new jeans :)

Aww your two doglets sound so cute. Bless em! I kno what u mean about them being like ur babies. Loui is exactly the same... And he knows it.

Sheff is lovely. I like that it's a city but it's surrounded by countryside too. Best of both really. Meadowhall is the big shopping centre. I like it but most folk in sheff don't lol. What's ur sister in law studying? I miss being a student so much.

Are you ready for crimbo? I can't believe how close it is now! Exciting tho :)

Well I hope ur ok, take care & chat soon



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You waited 5 years before they sorted you out!!!! That's terrible. I think we should be able to sue the doctors that put us off for so long. Just guessing that everything is ok really is not good enough.
As far as the xenical goes yeah the doc suggested it after I went in desperate for help with my weight. Ive put on loads over the past couple of years and the doctors know that the antidepressants I was on were a big part of the weight gain. I said to the doctor that I look in the mirror and see the fat me as the depressed me because I didn't look like this before the depression. Ok I was never small, I was 12 st on my wedding day but looked fab with a little waist and cheek bones and everything. Ive always had monster boobs too so thats probs why my waist used to look small even tho it wasnt lol.
Cheese is a favourite of mine too. I had a lapse the other day and thats what I ate. Oops. A typical kind of day for me would be beans on toast, jacket potato with tuna/seafood mix and salad, and for dinner poached fish with jacket or SW chips and salad again. These are just random meals I had over the last few days not a days as a whole cos my mind is going blank right now but generally I feel like Im eating loads which is good :) I've been on the scales and lost another 5lb since monday so Im happy so far.
I'm looking forward to seeing your fab nails. Roll on the end of feb.
That's it Meadowhall. lindsay loves it she is studying English, I think she wants to be a teacher at the end so will do her teaching qual after this degree.
ive just realsied thinking about our goal dates that I think I have put my date down as 29th feb but there won't be one next year will there?!?!?! Ooops better change my sig to 1st March!
It is so close to christmas. Iam almost sorted just a few pressies to buy. I was lucky in a way work mucked up my pay, not lucky at the time and I struggled, but when I did get paid I had an extra £500 lump that I spent loads of it on presents. Not that much mind I'm not that generous lol, but I got a good chunk of shopping done.
Hope you are doing well and I'll keep popping in on your diary as I spotted it before. Take Care
Hiya. How's u? All good I hope!

I kno Docs can be ridiculous! You know ur own body after all. But they look at u like ur an idiot most of the time (well mine does). Just hope they r more on the ball this time!

I totally get what you mean about seeing the fat/depressed you in the mirror! I do the same. It's like every pound is a constant reminder of the rubbish times. I know it sounds daft but sometimes I have to do a double take at photos & mirrors coz I can't believe that's me! I don't feel as big as I clearly am! It's quite upsetting really. I saw a pic of myself the other day & I actually shed a tear! I looked absolutely massive next to my teeny tiny friends. It shocked me. (which is strange coz I kno I'm big)

I'm sorry to hear that you were depressed! Have you and the Docs got it under control now? I kno one or two people that get very depressed and I can't imagine how difficult it must be to b trying to lose weight & feel like that... Ur clearly superwoman :)

I bet you looked fabulous on ur wedding day!!! Did you donthe big White dress & everything? I love all that! How long have you been married?

Well done on the 5lb loss! That's fantastic!!!!! You are well on ur way to ur 1st march goal!

Tell ur Sis in law to enjoy every min. Uni flies by! Also I did a teaching degree so of u wanna pick my brain feel free lol ( not thar there is much in it) lol.

Ooo fab news about the £500, u would b a saint to spend it all on prezzies... Charity starts at home hehe.

I lost 3lbs last week. I was going to try not to get weighed again yet but I jumped on this morn and I've lost another 2!!! Yay!!!!!
I'm dreading what will happen at crimbo tho. If my last few christmas's are anything to go by I'll gain 15stone in a day haha.

Well I hope things are going well for you! I can't wait for our jeans/manicure goal reaching day... Which will happenbof course :)

Do u have email by the way? Just wondered if you would like to swap email addresses? I can't send private messages for some reason. But if you would like to send me ur email add and I'll get bk to you.

Take care & keep up the great work

Ooooh nooooo! I just had a whole packet of rolos! I don't even like them that much! I also had a slice of pizza earlier! Grrr annoying! Y do I do silly things like that! I could have said no!

Needed to tell someone. To confess lol

Thanx. Hope ur doing better than me!