Buffet food


How do you cope with buffet food? As in not over-eating! What is the best strategy? I just seem to over-eat every time even though I set out thinking that I'm going to be disciplined!! :-(

I find buffet situations much harder to deal with than going out for a normal meal. Does anyone else feel this? When I go out for a meal, I just order something healthy and CD friendly and that's that. When there's a help yourself buffet I just seem to lose control completely!

Please help!! Any tips??

Thanks xx
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I'm afraid I am a buffet monster too - it's so easy to keep on putting a little bit of everything on your plate and when you look, there's a heap of food on there. Part of the pleasure for me is looking at it and helping myself and I have found on a couple of occasions that after I have begun to eat, I can then stop without finishing - as long as I know I can finish the food later (I hate wasting food) - so I have taken a doggy bag along and bagged the stuff I didn't want to finish for later on (or the next day). Don't know if this would work for anyone else - I have worked in catering so I'm not squeamish about keeping food as I know what keeps and what doesn't whereas other people are 'funny' about eating food a day late


Thanks for the advice boardwitless, I think that that might work you know because then I wouldn't feel like I was missing out on anything!

Glad to know that other people have the same problem too! xxx


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maybe try and stick to protein stuff like chicken legs etc, and avoid anything in pastry or bread! not an easy one i must say, and think everyone would struggle with it!
I would also suggest taking a CD bar with you, ive done that in the past, nobody notices anything because theyre too busy stuffing their faces to pay attention to what your eating! also it stops you grom going overboard as their quite filling...
good luck!


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Hi Clare, buffet's are a dieters worse nightmare arn't they? Instead of piling the food high only put enough food on your plate to cover the plate, no stacking and try to have more protein food and limit the rest. So if you can see no plate your at your limit and no going back up for seconds lol. Good luck hun, it is so hard but I'm sure you will be fine xx.


Thanks for the advice guys :)

Good advice which I will take.


It was so embarrassing yesterday, we were at a family meal (buffet type) and as I was taking some food my Dad pipes up "Are you sure you are okay to be eating that?"... "errr yes, thank you Dad".