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Buffett the diet slayer...

Just got back from a christening - had to leave early as I couldn't cope!!

Buffett from heaven - samosas, spring rolls, sarnies, pies, coleslaw - everything I LOVE!!! :7834:

...but not as much as I want to lose weight!

Kept thinking 'could I just eat...', 'maybe if I only had...'. BAD GIRL :devilangel:

So just thought I'd be best making a sharp exit :sigh:

REALLY struggling - I want food! I'm not hungry really but I want to 'eat'.

Help :sad0071:
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Have hot sweet black coffee right now !!! that will make you feel as though you have had something naughty and take away that urge :D :D
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Congrats hun you were so strong and its ok to tink bad tings once you dont do it! It means your aware people who eat healthy dont always want healthy food its about knowing wen you shud and shudnt. you done great having the strength to leave.

Just keep telling yourself i want to be thin and healthy more than i want food that is just gonna make me sick and guilty.


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wahey! well done for going and putting all that temptation in your face :worthy:

Glad you decided to leave and not eat anything though, well done :)

Its the im not hungry but im guna eat attitude that got most of us the size we were resulting in us doing this extreme diet so just think, you dont need food. You have your shakes, they have everything you need for the day (except water ;)) Food will always be there once you have finished LT :)


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well done for staying strong hun. u have forever to eat when ur at goal.
keep it up hun

x x


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forgot to say love the title,lol

x x
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Hey Trixie, you know your not going to do yourself any good by criticising yourself! Of COURSE you were tempted...who wouldn't be, we are only human! Thing is though, you stopped yourself, you knew that NOTHING would taste as good as your goal weight will feel...


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Congratulations on resisting evil temptation!! heh That must have taken a lot of strength and I bet now you are feeling great that you didn't give in, if you had've done, you'd be feeling guilty right now and may even have eaten more.

You hit the nail on the head when you said "I'm not hungry, I just want to eat", and I agree with Summer, that's what got us into this situation in the first place. Seems you are learning to identify when you are truly hungry and when it's just habit and that's definitely a fantastic achievement, well done \o/
Thanks all!!

I'm not prepared to miss all these events, I need to keep doing what I would do, although I know some people may think I'm daft doing this to myself - carverys, buffetts etc

But if it's going to be a long term solution, better getting used to it now.

One thing I have noticed, is the days I have struggled, I haven't had much coffee or as much water as I'd normally drink.

I don't really think about the water doing anything but guess it does...

Anyway, thanks for the support. WI 2 tomorrow - and have to say, not sure if it's cos I've had a couple of down days but don't feel like much has gone this week?!
Does the TOTM really make a difference?x


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TOTM may make a temporary difference in the week you weigh in but it will catch up with you the following week and you will lose a bit extra. I've never really had a problem with water retention during TOTM, my problem is usually I haven't been to the loo for a while before WI =x hehe If you've been faithful to the diet 100% there's no way you can't physically have lost any fat so be sure and take your measurements this week too so that if the scales are being unco-operative hopefully the tape measure will tell the true story.

Good luck!
Thanks, if it did make any difference, I'm not concerned - 6.5lb this week!! V happy x
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well done on resisting temptation and for actually attending the event in the first place considering you knew there would be all that lush food there you are very strong that will stand you in good stead for this diet!! :) love the title of this thread very funny lol your weigh in result was great keep up the good work!!)

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