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Bunny_lover's food diary

I hope to have a great loss this week so here goes:

Sunday Green Day

Oatso simple HEB
Soy Milk HEA

Lunch: x2 Eggs
Slimming world chips (yummy)
150g LF custard (5.5 syns)
4 teaspoons RS jam (1 syn)

Dinner: strozapretti pasta recipe (1.5 syns)
X2 alpen light bars (HEB)

Water, RS squash, Tea
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So yesterday was a really positive day for me - so far today so good!

I am enjoying this food diary - it really makes you think about what you are eating

Green Day

oatso simple sachet (HEB)
reduced sugar jam (.5 syns)
Soy milk (HEA)

Ainsley Harriot Veggie cous cous (.5 syns)
slimming world falafel (yummy)
Shape yogurt (gorgeous)

homemade veggie casserole with quorn pieces
X1 homemade RF dumpling (5 Syns)

150g Custard (5.5 syns)
X 2 tablespoons RS jam (1 syn)

Also did x2 10 mins walking to car
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I'm feeling empowered having stuck to the plan 100% for the past couple of days so today's diary:

Tuesday green day

Breakfast: beans
X2 wm bread (heb)
Danone LF Actimel (1.5 syns)
Soya Milk for tea (HEA)

Lunch: Ainsley Harriott lemon cous cous
Zero shape yogurt
Skinny Hazlnut Latte (HEA) + 3.5 Syns

Snack: chopped celery and carrots
Sweet and Sour Mugshot
X2 Shape zero Yoghurts with a chopped banana

Dinner: Quorn Spag Bol with extra veggies

Tea, SF Squash

Also walked for 20 mins to car as I parked away from uni ;)
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Green Day

Breakfast: Egg, Beans and quorn bacon (0.5 syns) X2 Wholemeal bread (HEB)
Soy milk for tea (HEA)

Lunch: Veggie Casserole with quorn pieces & one dumpling (5 syns)
Shape zero yogurt

Dinner: Quorn Quarter pounder (0.5 syns)
Slimming world chips
Baby bel cheese (HEA)
X2 Wholemeal bread (HEB)

150g LF Custard (5.5 syns)
RS Jam (1 syn)
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Tonight is weigh in day - I always get nervous for some reason.... I think my hard work will show - here's hoping!

Green Day

Breakfast: X2 Wholemeal slices (HEB)
Clover (2 syns)
Soy milk for tea (HEA)

Lunch: Mug shot
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SOOOO pleased I lost 5lbs this week yayyyy!!!

So in spirit of keeping up the good work here we go

Friday: Green day

Breakfast: X2 Weetabix (HEB)
Soy milk (HEA)

Lunch: homemade veggie soup with quorn pieces
Shape Zero Yoghurt
Skinny hazelnut Latte (HEA) 3.5 syns

Dinner: Pasta bake
quorn spag bol
28g Cheese (6 syns)
X2 Shape zero yoghurt

KitKat Senses (8 Syns)
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Green Day

Soy milk in tea (HEA)
Mashed potato
X2 wholemeal bread (HEB)

Ainsley Harriot Cous Cous (0.5) salad

We are off out to the O2 tonight I looked up which restaurants are there and settled on Zizi's as they have some pasta dishes which will work on a green day :)
I will not be able to resist dessert tho!!

So to update this entry I had pasta pomodoro and tiramisu, I decided to have a flexible syn day and get back on the plan the nest day :)
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Green Day

Breakfast: x2 wholemeal bread
Clover (3 syns)
soy milk (HEA)

Lunch: Thai Mugshot (0.5)
Shape 0% yoghurt

Dinner: Dinner: strozapretti pasta recipe (1.5 syns)
28g Edam cheese (HEA)

X2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB)

Tea, squash

Green Day

X2 Weetabix (HEB)
Soy Milk (HEA)

Lunch: quorn sauages
X2 Wholemeal Bread (HEB)
Ketchup (1 syn)

Dinner: Veggie bean chilli

White choc options (2.5)

Tea, Squash X1 can diet coke

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