Burger and Spicy Wedges EE


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I had my first extra easy day today and it was delicious!! i'm 'old school SW' and have only ever done original/green days.

I didn't really follow any measurements, I cooked for both myself and my housemate so tried to make enough.

I used one portion of Asda's Extra Lean Irish Mince and mixed it with some spring onions, mixed herbs, garlic, and moderate amount of BBQ seasoning and then roll them into balls and pat them down to flatten them slightly. Leave them to chill.

Then I made some relish out of diced red peppers and diced baby plum tomatoes and a bit of tomato puree and put in the fridge to chill.

The wedges i cut small Maris Piper potatoes in half then thinly sliced each half and then halved again. I then boiled some water, added salt and added the slices of potato. After about 10 mins i drained the potatoes for another 10 minutes before adding the back to the saucepan. I then added some Fajita powder and mixed herbs, put the lid on and shook it vigorously. I then added fry light to a backing tray and then put the wedges on them to cook for 15 minutes on 170'C (after preheating the oven).

While they were in the oven, I put my burgers in my cooker-top oven for 10 minuteds, turning them over half way through.
I then put a bit of lettuce, in a wholemeal bun, added my relish, then added the burger and served, with only a small dob of ketchup (1 syn) on the side for the wedges.

You could also add cheese on top as a HE(a) but I forgot lol!

Really it only took me about an our to prepare and cook and my housemate couldn't believe such a filling a delicious meal could be so good for you!!!

Would strongly recommend this! I also had some burger left over for another one, popped it in the freezer and will have it another time!

Enjoy xxxxxx
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