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Got to do it this time!!
um - make your own?
It really is just a few seconds work to smush together lean mince, salt, pepper, an egg and dry fry it....


Got to do it this time!!
Yes - thanks - I know they are the work of moments and I do them already - but I'm just looking for alternatives for when I really CBA cooking - and strangely a ready made burger can just hit the spot that a home made one can't for some reason!!
Someone found an M&S venison burger that was low enough in carbs and fat - I haven't seen any others, sorry.
There is the sainsburys be good to yourself burger which is less than 5% fat if you cant make your own :)

Its in the frozen section
The BGTY frozen burgers unfortunately contain breadcrumbs which is a no-no. I also got excited when I saw the nutritional info on them, until I saw the ingredients.
I'm also looking for a good frozen burger, just as a reliable standby in the freezer.

Unfortunately its stuff like frozen burgers, with the invisible extra sugars and starch which will have made us expand in the first place.

(I'm old enough to remember when frozen burgers were a novelty item, and pizzas were exotic objects we knew only from American movies).
Could we make our own burgers and freeze then for when we haven't got much time?
That would seem like the best plan all round!

Just make sure to use fresh mince, not frozen, and to cook them all the way through.

The great thing about burgers is that you can share them with the family, and feel completely normal!


Never Ever Give Up!
I make my own burgers and freeze them before cooking. I also cut a circle out of grease proof paper and stick it between each burger so it's easier to separate them.

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