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Burn baby Burn...Ketosis inferno!



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The first week or two is quite tough and losing weight can be very emotional at times... but it does get easier.

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow, hopefully that will help cheer you up!


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I know how you feel x


I am on day 5 and I know how you feel, I have been really touchy this week end, crying at all the programmes on tv, even britians got talent last night lol.
The only thing I keep saying to myself is "Nothing tastes as good as slim will feel"
Keep going, we can do it, I have my first weigh in on Tuesday, fingers crossed x
i agree it def does get easier, when people start noticing, and you can see the difference on the scales and in your clothes, there nothing like it. in the first week i was thinking its so long to my goal date it seemed so far away, but now i have a month over me, and i dont no where the time went!! stay tough!! :0) IT WILL GET BETTER! I promise! good luck lillyflower!!! hugs!
Aw, it does get better honestly. It takes me 3 weeks and then I feel great. Keep going, look how far you've come!!!!


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it does get easier, I am on it nearly 2 months, and I can't believe I am still here. I have surprised myself. :) xx Good luck with your weigh in ;)
Thanks girls.....i am really struggling today! it now after 9 and im having my last shake then going to bed!!! So pleased i have survived this day!!!! i hope tomorrow will be better x
It will hun, just take it day by day x
I am at the end of my first week - weigh in today about 10am. I have found it relatively easy - but I'm expecting it to get worse in the next week. Remember it will be worth it and we're all going to be skinny minnies and look FABULOUS daaaarling! xxx
Hi there

I am almost at the end of week 2 and I have to say I really struggled saturday and sunday. Was actually looking forward to going to work this morning so I would be in more of a routine - how sad is that looking forward to going to work!!!

I was crying and feeling crap all day saturday. I just found it so hard to keep going. Its the first really tough day I faced. Somehow I struggled through the day and went to bed early.

Anyway I got up Sunday morning and I went to my wardrobe. I looked at the same 5 outfits that I have been recycling daily for the last 6 months as they are all that fit me and I am not buying a bigger size!!! Something inside of me made me try on a dress I last wore last year. OMG if fitted. I actually cried again but this time it was happiness. Ok so I had a few little bulges but they were small enough that I could get away with. I actually wore it and felt comfortable. I went over and got out jewellery and matched it and I felt like Julia Roberts ( god bless the power of imagination). That boosted me through most of yesterday though the old tears did come back again last night.

Anyway I am here at work and ready for my weigh in on Wednesday.

So I suppose the motto is when the tough days come we just have to dig further inside. They dont last and already I am feeling that yes I can do this.

Best of luck
God i love this forum!!!! I survived the weekend because of all u guys! Thanks
I was looking forward to coming to work today too....1st weigh in tomorrow...cant wait x
Hi How did the weigh in go??, I have just been for my first weigh in today as well and have lost 10.5lb, I picked some flap jacks up OH MY GOD they are foul lol, dont try them!x
Well...i had my 1st weigh in today and i have lost 7lbs.
I am a bit disappointed...i was hoping for more!!!! but its better than nothing...hope to do better next week!


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7lbs is great, thats half a stone!!! as well as that you didnt go in to ketosis till day 6, that is when the diet really starts to work. well done :) keep up the good work xx
Thanks Hez...i do hope it gets better x
I so hope I lose as much as that in my first week!

I am on day 2 and really struggling. Probably started it at the wrong time because its my PMT week, work is crazy busy for the next week until all the students finish and my Newfoundland is due to have pups any day now! Stress levels are through the roof!!
Have found lack of food ok, although I do find myself thinking of it at times! but I am just so damned tired. Does this stay with you? or it just me (maybe not the diet but all the other bits in my life!!)

Am just running a bath and having an early night, even though I should be writing the last 1500 words of my assignment that is overdue! At least if I get an early night I might feel better tomorrow?

Hi gypsyrider....i feel ur pain!!! i was exactly the same...its like reading my own post!!!! the 1st 4 or 5 days were hell for me but this forum really saved me from caving in!!! im on Day 9 (taking it 1 day at a time) and i feel amazing!!! this is my PMT week too and dont feel grumpy or moody at all! i was coming to work singing and happy! (so not like me). i cant believe im actually saying this but it does get easier...i read other people saying this and thought, how the hell does this get easier...but it does! you will feel great in a few days and in a better mood! i got sparkling water yesterday and it was fab...i felt like i was having a beautiful drink....sainsburys caledonian sparkling is the best! Really, if you feeling you cant do this log on and chat or just read people comments and honestly you will feel as if you can do this!!! good luck...x
good luck with the pups....we just got a wee black and white llhasa apso before christmas...she's 7 month now and the cutest thing ever!!!!

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