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Hi all. I've not been about for a bit due to getting out of the habit of logging on over Xmas etc and just not got been back in the habit so to speak. Hope everyone is doing well. I've not had a chance to catch up on the threads bt hope to rectify that soon.

I've got a burning question that I don't want to ask in the main board for fear of frightening the life out of newbies when they need reassurance more than anything. Anyway has anyone else noticed any dental problems since going on to LL? I've had 4 broken teeth in the last 4 months. It's cost me a fortune and now I've been told that I need more work done which will be around £5,000. I'm seriously depressed about it all. I've never missed my dental appointments and kept fairly up to date with check ups etc. My last check up was August and nothing was showing. Then September a cracked tooth, another one in December, A broken one at the beginning of Januray and lastly a broken tooth last night. Got an emergency appointment at the dentist this afternoon and I'm sure he will say it needs crowned. This was not one of the teeth that needs the £5,000 of work done. In fact none fo them were.

So after my ramblings I'm just wondering has anyone else had similar problems. The reason I'm wondering about the LL diet is I know that during pregnancey our gums and teeth come under a bit of strain and since my hair went the same way as it did after pregnacny and fell out I'm just musing if it's the same thing with my teeth and gums.
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i had 2 fillings since LL - haven't had any for years.

it could be a coincident, i was prob ready for some, but i did think it may have been linked - in the same way pregnancy was - as you mentioned. I think i posted at the time.

daisy x


Happy in my own skin
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Thanks Daisy. I did ask my dentist today about it, not mentioning specifically LL. He said there was no underlying decay, just bad luck as far as he could see. Anyway, since September I've had to shell out over £800 on my teeth with another £5,000 in the pipeline. No boob job for me this year.....:(


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I dread going to the dentist.
I have always been every six months since being little and never had a prob til about 5 years ago when a locum did a root canal filling on me and i nearly jumped out of the seat with the pain.
I now hate going - have to put on a brave face infront of my 3 kids as I don't want them picking up on my fear, but I cried last time i had a filling, felt a right div, but I had wound myself up so much.

I had a crown fitted when I was pregnant with my son - he's 13 now. i was told at the time it would last 10 years - so every visit is a bonus.

I know its going to cost loads when the time comes to have it replaced.

good luck with your dentristy!

daisy x


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WOW so its not just me then...ive had all four wisdom teeth taken out since joining SW...NEVER had probs with my teeth before but they all started crumbling away and leaving me in pain...luckily i had free nhs treatment.xx


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LOL - great question & timings brilliant as I'm at home waiting to see dentist AGAIN this morning :(

BUT, I'd had no issues with my teeth & no fillings since a child until I turned 40 (well 38 but 40 sounds more dramatic)...

In past 5 yrs I've had 2 teeth taken out, 4 caps & been in & out of dentist on a regular basis.... much more & I'll be nneding seriously expensive work just to chew lol

HOWEVER, I can say that LL has not had an adverse effect, the trouble started before the diet (and since LL I've just needed one root canal/cap) which seems about par for the course for me. no fillings for decay at all since I was about 9 though so I must be doing something right ;)

Personally I put it down to a period of extreme stress ~ 10 yrs ago that had me grinding my teeth in my sleep & eventually led to me walking out of my job.


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I would put a lot of it down to becoming a certain age, but I don't know how old you are Morticia.

How many of us, of a certain age, have/had/know of grandparents all with the false gnashers? Yes they grew up pre floride but it was also easier to just pull the troublesome things out when they became a bother and replace them with a bridge! Now we keep them longer but they are higher maintenance and they do actually wear out.

It's all just another thing to add to the list of dodgy joints and fading eyesight!!