Business trip away- all expenses paid HELP


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Hi all,

I need some advice- I'm off on a business trip in 2 weeks up North and am staying there overnight. My colleague and I are expected to take our business friends out for a meal paid for by the company. I really don't think I can get out of eating with them as its just the 4 of us, and I cant get out of going.

Is there anything I can eat to limit the damage and avoid getting out of ketosis? I wont drink but the eating part is pretty much necessary.

Please let me know your advice xx
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Gosh, this is tough. I wonder if the hotel would be prepared to make you up one of your soups to serve with the main course. Could you give them a ring to find out? They should be amenable, especially if you say you will pay the going rate for a soup anyway.

Perhaps you could order a starter and pretend not to like it! Push it around the plate and make out you have eaten some.
Do the same with the main course - maybe order a hot curry and 'struggle' to eat it.

What ideas does your counsellor have?


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This is quite difficult.

Would you be able to find out in advance what they serve on their menu? Ask them if they cater for people with certain dietary requirements.

Then perhaps you can plan an all protein meal of chicken or fish, salad and vegetables or other high protein foods. This should keep you in ketosis.


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i think the chef would be more than happy to make up a soup for you. easier for them i would think. u could say u have a toothache so dont want to chew or make up any number of excuses for having a soup. it could all be arrange away from the clients as well.

if u dont want to do that, the most important thing is staying in ketosis so I would have plain chicken salad and make sure they dont add dressing or use oil on the chicken etc. losing the safety net of ketosis is something u wanna avoid!! its so had to keep going back to the diet once its gone :( (and i know all about me! lol)


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Thanks for your suggestions everyone,

Think the best idea is to say I'm on a low carb high protein diet and just ask for plain chicken with veg or salad then. I dont like dressing anyway so that shouldnt be a problem. I dont know where we are eating yet but its unlikely to be in the hotel itself- I dont mind my colleague knowing but its more the clients that I would rather didnt find out. I think it occurs the week before AAM so will try my best to stick to one of those type of meals so i dont come out of ketosis.

I would love a binge but I know I can't and being slim is so much more important to me!

Thanks for your help ladies xxx