busy 3 weeks ahead !!!

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  1. A Better Me

    A Better Me Silver Member

    Well the time has come that iv been waiting for and dreading at the same time......
    my busy 3 weeks ahead.. this is the reason i refed when i did with still a stone to go...
    Saturday 31/10>> night out clubbing with my sister who turned 40 today..upside is i finally get to wear my dress that i bought 4 weeks ago...
    Wednesday 4/11>> my 14th wedding anniversary..
    Saturday 7/11>> my hubby`s birthday night out
    sunday 15/11>> christening (which means all day out on the beer with my family)
    friday 20/11>> cousins 25th wedding anniversary party...

    so as you can see a lot of alcohol will be involved lol... but hoping that if i stay sensible with my food then the gain wont be too much..
    and after this il have a quiet few weeks until my xmas works party and xmas of course:p:D
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  3. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    wow busy time socialising have a ball... stay clear of the beer!!!!!!!! lol xxxx
  4. A Better Me

    A Better Me Silver Member

    lol.. no beer for me iv decided it willl either be rose wine or vodka lol ...... decisions !!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  5. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Wow dat is a very busy schedule. Babes i tink you will be grand just be careful with the drink coz some people react badly to it the first few times they have it after lt. you will prob be grand but dont go getting locked the first nite haha! Locked is really drunk just incase its an irish term. Id say if your sensible and chose the right drinks nothing 2 sugary,carby etc you will be grand mite have a slight gain but it will drop off then. Take loads of pics.
  6. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    why not have spritzers. half wine half soda.. will help keep you hydrated and i find when i do this i dont get half as drunk half as quick...xx i am jealous... would love a vodka mm lol x
  7. xsarahloux

    xsarahloux ~~someday!~~

    clear spirits are lowest in calories hun - go with the vodka! but loads of water too incase you do take to it badly!! xxx
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