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Busy Mums how do you manage to cook etc

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A bear on a mission!

I've got a baby & 2 year old and find it hard to prepare nice SW friendly meals around them (or is it just me)

If you are a Mum with wee ones what is your routine, when do you cook? What meals do you have? How do you manage the housework etc..What is your typical day?

My H works nights so I've the wee ones all day/evening till they go to bed at 7.30pm & then I have no energy or motivation to start cooking. This is causing me to fail badly & sabotage myself and also to boredom eat as I can't go out for a walk etc as restricted.

I'd like to hear from others or is it just me being unorganised.

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I also have a 2 yr old and a baby an find that I make meals through the day that I can reheat at tea time when they are playing or sleeping.As for through the day I tend to snack on fruit and veg and have a sandwich or something. It is really hard some days but I just try and make the best choices I can.
When my kiddies were small we all used to eat the same food at the same time.

OH worked shifts so I was lucky he would be home mid afternoon to help either look after the little ones or make tea. But on the days he wasn't home I either sat them somewhere safe in the kitchen (usually the sink:D) & cooked, or cooked whilst they were playing.

I don't think it's about being unorganised I think maybe a bit of planning your day or getting into some form of routine. I quite like routine & planning:rolleyes:


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slow cookers are a godsend for me, ive got 2 girls a boy and a dog who pesters for walks all day :)
jacket potatoes are good cos we all eat them. if there are any leftovers we reheat the next day. omlettes are good too and the simple sw chips, egg, beans and pre prepped salads. pasta and tomato based sauces, bolognese etc...all sw friendly and able to serve at different times if need be. we dont always eat at the same time as the kids so i like doing stuff like that


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I find some wooden chairs, some heavy duty chains, a soundproofed cupboard and a decent padlock usually does the trick!!!

Seriously though, i often put my youngest in the highchair, give her some pots and pans, plastic bowls, wooden spoons etc and allow her to bash and mix away!

Often when theyre playing or sleeping, I have a big age gap between my 2 so this possibly helps me more as eldest can play with youngest and keep her distracted for 1/2 hour or so!

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