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Busybusy’s Atkins diet doodle


Lazy keto and IF
S: 21st11lb C: 20st7lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 46.3 Loss: 1st4lb(5.9%)
Welcome Annie - looking forward to following your progress.
Thanks so much for popping in Abigail. Seen someone is listening I must update.

About me - done Atkins before and had great success. Petered our to following loosely once at goal and maintained well. I’m not a weigher I go by how well my clothes fit. Ive not seen great results in the numbers in the past, inches are a better gauge for me. I subscribed to a minimal wardrobe way of living 4 years ago. So there’s little room to gain too much.

Had a baby 6 months ago and thankfully fitted into my old clothes within 6 weeks. But not happy with how they look. I just want to lose a enough to feel good in my myself.

This is week two, so far I’m doing good. Definitely in ketosis and losing inches fast. I stared this thread for somewhere post food diary.

Just testing out intermittent fasting for the first time too

Brunch 2 fried eggs cup fried mushrooms
Dinner chicken thighs chopped small, sealed in oil then cooked on low with couple cheese triangles. Ended up as a creamy chicken.

Caulk and cabbage steamed on the side.


Brunch Left overs from yesterday’s dinner -creamy chicken and cauliflower and broccoli

Dinner - omelette seasoned with red chilli powder and cup spinach.

Doing 50 mins of Pilates a day. (This has always been very effective for me). I don’t buy into the sweaty huffy puffy type of exercise.

Must take pics so can see progress in couple weeks
Brilliant start to the day with 50 minutes of Pilates, Darcy Bussel DVD. Two large glasses of water with lemon.

No idea of food plan but I’m fully stocked for a number of options. Feeling positive for the weekend.


Lazy keto and IF
S: 21st11lb C: 20st7lb G: 14st4lb BMI: 46.3 Loss: 1st4lb(5.9%)
Definitely do those photos ....
I wish I’d taken the time to do proper pics. But the ones before are exactly 2 weeks ago at my nephews birthday tea. And my prompt and motivation to get in gear.

The last two are taken just few seconds ago! The last time I wore these trousers the button pinged off when I sat! Now they fit just right with a bit of a 6 pos partum puch


Hi Busy! Wow 2 weeks what an amazing difference. Well done. :)
Thank you for popping by. It was getting a little lonely here!

Thanks so much, yes the inchesare falling away fast. I’m sticking to what I know from my past experience with Atkins and Pilates. I’ve also totally cut any processed food, artificial sweeteners and sugar free drinks. Feeling so much better for it
Haven’t been posting menus but I’m sticking to mostly the same things most days, cooking separately for the family and not being tempted one bit by carbs.

B - usually 2 soft boiled eggs
L - I do this creamy chicken number. Cubed Chicken thighs, sealed in a little oil for 1-2mins, put lid on and turn down to low heat 2-3 mins. Add in 2 cheese triangles, add handful of spinach. Wilt for 1 minute. Season with roughly cracked black pepper corns. It’s sooooo very lush. I’ll add in a little water also for a slightly runny creamy consistency.

D - whatever the family have (usually a meat curry) and I just have it with cup of salad instead of rice or chapati.
Going strong with the woe and Pilates..noticed I’m not so cranky with pmt. usually I’m an utter monster, must be the exercise. Below a typical day for me:

B 2 Sainsbury’s meat free Cumberland sautés 3G carb for both!
L tandoori chicken wings
D chicken and cauliflower curry (2 🍗, 3 florets)

Has few people commenting that I’ve lost loads! Such a boost! Adding few more pics to compare in week or two.


Still doing good. Cheated a little but I’m mindful that I’m pmt’ing. Still happily fitting into clothes better and better. Today verses almost 4 weeks ago. 6 weeks total on plan.


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