butchers marinade


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you would have to check with your individual butcher as to the ingredients of the marinade, as no two butchers will be the same.

A lot of the marinades will have oil in them too.


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Don't know the syn value, and TBH I'm a bit naughty and don't count it!!

I'll often buy chinese floavoured meat etc, and will just eat it anyway, as long as the meat underneath is lean, and I scrape off the excess (obviously if it's swimming in sauce it's going to be a problem, and after marinating the meat has often taken on a lot of flavour anyway), and cook it in a way whereby all the excess can drip off (grill etc).

Just be careful it's not an oil based marinade (you can usually see the fattiness TBH).

Anyone with a proper answer though? I'd be interested to hear how many sys I'm ignoring!!!



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It would vary depending on what is in it so you would need to ask your butcher, if he will tell you. By the way, we have a special section up the top of the board where you can post questions about syn values. If you don't post it there someone has to take the time to move it to the right place.


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I know the 60g sachets of "Flava-it" garden mint are 9syns but what I do is split it into 3 x 20g which is enough for 1 serving and the meat does get covered well! Hope that helps sweetcheeks!! The other flavours syn values are on the SW website under Flava-it.:eat:
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Thank you all so much for being so helpful, am very sorry about the post being in the wrong place, quite new to this. Sorry:cry: