Buy or not to buy....


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I have a wedding to go to in July and I really want to surprise people who will be expecting me to show up looking like a big fat mess (ie my family and friends who will be there and who won't have seen me for a while by then). I am currently a size 16, but I am planning (and hoping!) to reach target by then so I can wear a size 12 dress to the wedding.

So, I was just browsing for something to wear and I came across this dress...

I think it's really pretty and would be perfect for a summer wedding (it looks white in the pic but it says in the details that it's magnolia - which I assume is ok for a wedding?!), do I order it and keep it hanging on my wardrobe as incentive, or do I not risk 'failing' and making myself feel even worse??

Hmmm.....:confused: :confused: :confused:
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its lovely, perfect for a wedding and will be a great motivator hung in ur wardrobe :D


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Oh yes you must buy it - it's very pretty and a great incentive to get to goal - hang it where you'll see it everyday......:D


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oooo how gorgeous is that dress, I would definately buy it and put it so you will see it, and try it on occasionally too.


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Its lovely Marie! If youre really confident about sticking to this Id go for it. Itll be great trying it on every few weeks and seeing how youre doing. If you have any doubts though, I wouldnt. I know I probably sound like the voice of doom and gloom but theres nothing more disheartening than seeing something you cant fit into *S*

Love the dress :)


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You buy it, definately. When I was a size 32, I plotted my weight loss on a graph. and figured I'd be a size 16 by the summer. I booked a holiday in Italy, and bought a dress to wear there. And I did!!!!!
Ann x


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Get it - the dress is gorgeous and will be a huge incentive for the weight loss (as well as picturing all the faces at the wedding who will see you looking a sexy skinny:D )

Well done on the losses so far, I wouldn't worry about the small gains - are you losing inches??

Good luck and keep up the hard work;)