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Not Sure If Anyone Can Help??

I Am Officially Starting Cd Next Week (thats When I Am Meeting My Cdc) But Have Been Restricting Carbs/cals In The Build Up.

To Help The Transition From Food To Non Food, I Bought A Weeks Supply Of Diet From Ebay.

It Has Today Arrived And I Am Not Sure If It Is The Real Thing.

The Sachets Are In Blue And Have 'the Cambridge Diet' Written Across Top In A Square With Navy Blue Border And Blue Writing. The Rest Of The Sachet Is In Foregin. At The Back It Has A Registered Office Address For Cambridge Manufacturing Ltd At Stafford House, Northants.

:) If The Stuff Is Legitimate - I Have Just Tasted The Choc Shake And Loved It!!

Can Anyone Help???

Also Can You Use Lighter Life Products When On This Plan I.e. Savory Powder For Water???
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Good luck with your CD start. It's a great diet! I wouldnt buy from E bay cos the cost is way more than you pay when buying from a CDC. Also I known from others on this site that the stuff on E bay can be imported and therefore not necessarily the same nutritional content as the gear they sell here. However, if you are buying one week's supply I dont think it can do any harm. I also cut back the week before I started and it really helped with carb withdrawal! Best of luck, keep posting and let us know how you get on.:)
Cannot see the pictures of the packs properly but the one I can see is not like mine. Just noticed that Cambridge have distributors abroad and in Asia which may explain why my back is foreign


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The pics are on the bit that talks about the diet products...have no idea at all wether your packs will be proper CD packs or not hun, so if you are going to use them just be careful


Need help
Hi Ya, :)

Buying off EBay is not a good thing :eek: :eek: as you may not be getting the geniune product that the Cambridge sell. Not only that you are not getting the Vital support that you may need from your Counsellor, especially in the first week.
I dont know how much you have spent on the week's supply but as a Counsellor I know you can't get it cheaper from your Local Cambridge Counsellor and get the support free.
If you want to get your next supply of Cambridge please look on Cambridge Diet home page for further information.

If you need anymore advise please do not hesistate to contact me or these lovely guy's on Minimins.

Take care and good luke.

Nick :D :D :D
Hi Nick thanks for your advice.

I have actually booked to see a CDC next week. Got the packs as I wanted my body to build up to the diet next week.


Need help
Whoop's I was trying to edit my post to you to re-say as it was a typing error "you Can get the diet cheaper from your counsellor", but I messed up.:D :D :D :D

Nick :D :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hey Angle eyes....

Sorry if you think that im gonna stop you, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEASE dont start CD without seing a CD counsellor.

THE CDC plays a vital part in your success, and he/she will screen you and get a medical form signed, as thats very important.

Without seeing a CDC your putting yourself to risk, especially with the EBAY products in a different language..... 100% a NO NO

By the way, just in case you didnt know, CD products are only available from CDC's and if any CDC is caught selling the products on EBAY, their CDC contract will be terminated...

I'll always say, next week is just around the corner, dont do anything wrong here..... just cut down on your carbs and increase your water intake and WAIT TO SEE A CDC !!!!!!!!!!
Hi angel, have been on for nearly 7 weeks and I think (weigh in Saturday!!) that I have lost 3 stone 3 lbs! I am really pleased cos I have gone from busting out of size 22/24s to neatly fitting into size 18s.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Angle eyes...

I think you should wait to see a CDC before you start, as most of the questions that your asking on the forum will be dealt with on your first screening....:cool:

( not trying to put you off, its for your own benefit. If you dont understand CD properly, its gonna be very easy to go off track):eek: :eek: :eek:

All the best

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