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Buying inbetween CD clothing?????

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Hi all......

Just wondered what you guys are doing about 'inbetween sizes' where you don't want to spend too much money on clothing just now, until you get to your desird wiegh!!

I've gone down 2 sizes and would like to buy some very cheap clothing to see me through for a few weeks... (just a few work tshirts) .Im sure i saw a thread here where people gave away their 'fat-clothes' as they didnt require them and only charged postage....but i cant seem to find it :cry::cry::cry:

hope someone can shed light on this or give me ideas of where to look for cheaper stop-gap options


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Ebay all the way! You can get some decent stuff to see you through then repost it when you're down another size and get some of your money back!


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Primarni (Primark) and Peacocks are good shops to go for cheap things whilst your losing weight. They kept me going for a while.
Also charity shops in good areas are great for finding some really good buys.
Good luck x
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Asda actually does odd size jeans now for around £12. Instead of just your normal sizes like 10, 12, 14, 16 they also do 11, 13, 15, 17 etc!
I only buy when absolutely necessary. In fact, for day to day I still wear some of my 18/20 tops and I'm now a 12/14 :)
Trousers that I have had to buy for work will last two dress sizes as I make sure they have belt loops. Might look a bit like worzel gummidge but who cares! lol I managed to get a couple of pairs from tesco for a fiver each :)
Have got really cheap work blouses from matalan at less than 3 quid each :)
I now refuse to buy anything until I am at goal and have worked thru maintenance :)
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Ebay all the way! You can get some decent stuff to see you through then repost it when you're down another size and get some of your money back!
I figured this out recently!! have been browsing and even 'names' like monsoon M&S Per Una etc are all really cheap. :)

Asda/Tesco's etc do 'basic' clothing too :)
And don't underestimate the likes of M&S as I got some cheap jeans in there (£15) and great t-shirts from there 'fair trade' section for about 3 for a tenner.

Tesco's have vest tops at £1 at the moment too :) in cross sizes (16-18) etc :)

And sales!! make a point of hitting them for the REAL bargains! ;)


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I am going to buy from EBay, Asda and Primark as they seem the cheapest and then re-sell clothes that are too big on EBay to make some money to buy my new clothes with!


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i have just spend this afternoon listing a pile of old clothes on ebay. i have made hundreds of pounds over the last 6 months doing this.

i sell my stuff and get the money into paypal. then i use that money to buy new bits (again from ebay) i have hardly spent any ''real'' money on clothes for ages

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My mum is always in charity shops looking for books and bits to sell on Ebay, and she offered to get me some bits... a lovely dressy pair of M&S trousers for £1, a Principles linen skirt, lots of stuff, and I've barely spent £15 yet! Oh, and a lovely new NEXT skirt still with tags for £5.50 inc p&p....
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I did a nice Primark shop today!! I try not to buy trousers, but I find dresses and skirts can get you through a few dress sizes, as well as gypsy and babydoll tops - they can be tightened with a belt around your waist!


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I will be listing all my old clothes soon and will add the link... Most brand new!
G: 9st10lb

thanks guys, excellent ideas. I've been selling my stuff on ebay, but just havent managed to find anything i like. Will try the charity shops though.

enjoy your day

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